People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 52

December 29, 2013


Rally Led By Biman Basu

Attacked in Kolkata


THE city of Kolkata witnessed a glaring example of Trinamool Congress pattern of democracy on 22nd December.


A rally of Left Front, led by its chairman, Biman Basu, was attacked in Sinthi area in Kolkata on that day. It was a Sunday morning and Left Front activists and supporters gathered in Sinthi to protest against the ongoing attacks on Left activists in the area. Trinamool goons tried to block the rally at the start. They attacked with sticks, iron rods and bricks, they even ransacked an auto rickshaw carrying microphone for the rally. Braving this initial attack, the rally marched through the streets of Sinthi. Apart from Biman Basu, others present were Md Salim, Manab Mukherjee, Rajdeo Goala, Prashanta Chatterjee and other leaders of Left Front.


As the procession of few thousands proceeded, TMC gangs, under the leadership of local TMC councilor, started throwing bricks and other missiles. CPI(M) activists were injured, some of them bledding profusely. Women activists suffered grievous injuries. Biman Basu escaped narrowly. TMC gangs continued the attack and even blocked the road with broken glasses and garbage dumps. They chased the procession with filthy language. All these happened in the presence of the police. Repeated requests to them produced no results and the police did not attempt to stop the attackers. Even the Deputy Police Commissioner watched this heinous attack without any intervention. The rally, however, refused to stop and marched through to the destination.


It was a ruthless show of muscle power that is ruling West Bengal today. The attack, despite the presence of Biman Basu and other leaders, pointed to the fact that nobody would be spared.


The attack evoked angry responses all over the state. Protest rallies were organised in the districts. On 24th December, a huge rally in Kolkata marched towards the Kolkata Police headquarters in Lalbazar. The police stopped the rally in some distance from headquarters. A sit-in demonstration continued while Left Front leaders submitted deputation to police commissioner. They presented reports from media, photos of the attack and categorically complained against 17 persons who inititated the attack. It was declared from the demonstration that the ruling party and the police must be prepared for a peoplesí resistance if such attacks are not stopped immediately.


Under pressure, police arrested three TMC activists from the area but did not dare to touch the councilor.