People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 02

January 12, 2014



Mumbai Pays Homage to Nelson Mandela


P R Krishnan


ON December 19, 2013, a meeting organised by the Mumbai committee of the CPI(M) on paid homage to the memory of the revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela. The memorial meeting held at Dhuru Hall in central Mumbai was chaired by the CPI(M)ís Maharashtra state secretariat member Dr K K Theckedath. 


It may be noted here that Mumbai, a stronghold of working class movement and one which has been in the forefront against imperialism and colonial rule, has organised several agitations against racial discrimination and for the release of Nelson Mandela. Mumbai was one of the cities in India which hosted a grand reception to this great leader after his release from prison. The communists and the CPI(M) in particular have been in the forefront of the campaign in India against racial discrimination and for end of apartheid.


It was therefore natural that Mumbai felt deeply saddened on the demise of this great leader who emancipated the native blacks from the hated apartheid regime in South Africa and whose life has become a burning source of inspiration in the fight against imperialist domination and exploitation.


Dr Theckedath in this presidential speech touched upon different stages of the life of Nelson Mandela and the plight that the South African black population had undergone before their emancipation. Others who spoke on the occasion were CPI(M) Mumbai committee secretary Mahendra Sigh, CPI(M) state committee members Sonia Gill, Sayeed Ahemed and Sailendra Kambale, and DYFI state secretary Preethy Sekhar.