People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 02

January 12, 2014



Himachal DYFI Holds Ninth Conference

V S Nidhin


THE ninth state conference of the Himachal Pradesh unit of DYFI, held on 21st and 22nd December 2013 at Nahan, was attended by 66 delegates and observers, including 10 young women, representing a membership of 19,560.


The conference was inaugurated by Avoy Mukherjee, general secretary, DYFI, who explained the political situation prevailing in the country and stressed the need for increasing the activities of DYFI and expanding its base if the challenges of the future are to be squarely met. He sharply attacked the policies of the UPA-II government. While the government has dismally failed to keep unemployment in check, it has imposed bans on fresh recruitment in several sectors, thus worsening the situation. The struggle for the reversal of the economic policies along with the struggle against communal and divisive forces is therefore the need of the day, he stressed.


Detailing the progress of the DYFI since its inception, Avoy said that the rise in membership was the result of a correct programme as well as innumerable sacrifices the DYFI cadres have made in carrying out the programme. Puran Chand, treasurer of DYFI, also addressed the conference.


The draft report presented before the conference while giving an account of the diverse activities undertaken by the DYFI in Himachal, self critically analysed the shortcomings. It was stressed that more efforts need to be made towards expanding the organisation and launching struggles on the burning problems of the youth in the state. The need for establishing direct link between the day-to-day struggles and the broad political slogans of the DYFI was also emphasised.


Along with the draft report, a future programme schedule was also moved, setting up concrete targets for struggles and expansion in a time bound manner. The following five resolutions were moved: against the commercialisation of education; on the demand for employment for all; against corruption; on gender discrimination and against caste discrimination. The conference was greeted by fraternal delegates from the SFI, CITU, AIDWA and Kisan Sabha.


A 27-member state committee was elected, including 3 young women. Balbir Prashar was elected as president and Mahender Singh Rana as secretary of the state committee. A touching farewell was given to those who were relieved of their responsibilities.


The conference concluded with a firm resolve to overcome the problems and building a strong youth movement in Himachal.