People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 48

December 01, 2013




CPI(M) Concentrates

Efforts on Two Seats in MP


Rajendra Sharma

from Gwalior


AS election campaigning ended for the single phase Madhya Pradesh assembly polls on 25th November, the CPI(M) has concentrated a large part of its effort on two constituencies in Moreina-Gwalior region -- Jaura and Gohad.


On penultimate day of campaigning, on 22nd November, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and leader of CPI(M) group in Rajya Sabha, Sitaram Yechury, addressed impressive election rallies in both the constituencies.


The CPI(M) has put up candidates in eight assembly segments in different regions of state. Party  state secretary Badal Saroj told PD that beside these two the Party is also in serious contest in Simaria and Sirmaur constituencies. He also expects the three party front of CPI(M), CPI and Rashtriya Samanata Dal (largely an organisation of dalit peasants), contesting almost every fourth seat in 230 member state assembly to have enough representation in next assembly to raise issues of deprived and working masses. CPI is contesting in 21 seats and Samanata Dal in 36.


Addressing the rallies in Jaura and Gohad towns, Yechury sharply attacked the anti-people and corrupt policies of both the Congress and the BJP. He pointed out that the BJP additionally follows communally-divisive path. Underlining the need for an alternative policy path in the interest of working people and country, he called upon voters of both the constituencies to elect CPI(M) candidates, who have always stood by them in all their struggles so that they can raise the voice in assembly for such a alternative approach and also protect the interests of the poor and deprived.


In Jaura, where CPI(M) has put up its hugely popular leader Ashok Tiwary, ex-Nagarpalika chairman of adjoining Kailaras town (only other urban center in this largely rural and backward constituency) Yechury also took part in a road-show through the main markets of the town, after the public meeting. The CPI(M)'s ten year work in leadership of Kailaras municipal body, its struggle for protecting Kailaras Sugar mill, which is the only sugar mill in this area that too in cooperative sector, its successful struggle for protecting some 2000 very old houses in outer areas of Jaura after High Court ordered demolition and its total identification with the struggle of the poor and deprived peasants of this area have given the Party edge over all others in the campaign.


Given the huge unpopularity of sitting BSP MLA, who is contesting again and both the Congress and the BJP on a week wicket, Jaura is likely to see a really four cornered contest.


Similarly in Gohad, an SC reserved constituency, CPI(M) has put up its equally popular municipal body ex-chairman Premnarain Mahore. CPI(M) still controls this municipal body, with his wife as current chairperson. Besides struggle for potable piped water in town and 55 villages of Jatwada, the issue of land losers for Malanpur industrial centre not getting promised jobs and industries in crisis in general, compensation and rehabilitation for 8 villages gone under water due to Bainsly dam and fight again social oppression, have given the CPI(M) great momentum. In a significant show of unity, Samanata Dal's supremo Motiram Shastri addressed the 23rd November meeting along with Sitaram Yechury. Beside a significant dalit population, this constituency also has around 14 per cent Muslim population.


Though a sitting seat for Congress, its changing of candidate has led to problems. On the other hand BJP's two-time MLA’s reputation has only helped give additional edge to the issue of security here. Actually two days before Sitaram Yechury's meeting, in a dangerous attack a jeep belonging to CPI(M) candidate, having some 50 litres of extra fuel, was burnt by unidentified attackers right outside his house in dead of the night when he along with family was sleeping inside. Not just CPI(M) supporters, almost entire Gohad town has raised its voice of protest against this incident.