People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 37

September 15, 2013





Protest against the US Conspiracy to Attack Syria


Dusmanta Das


A DHARNA was organised in front of the Governors House by the CPI(M) Bhubaneswar district committee protesting against the US conspiracy to attack and subjugate Syria.


Addressing the gathering, Janardan Pati, state secretary said the Obama administrations decision to attack Syria is aimed at the loot of oil resources of Syria together with its ultimate aim of strengthening its influence in the Arab world. It took such a decision when its game plan to subvert the Syria government through the rebel forces, to whom it supplied military materials, failed. Syria, which is the only secular State in the Arab world, had earlier opposed USAs invasion of Iraq and Libya and the forcible occupation of Palestine land by Israel. He told that USA has no right to attack Syria on the plea that it possesses chemical weapons nor any right for a regime change in Syria. Syria being a sovereign country, its people have the sovereign right to decide for themselves. Besides, UNO is the only accepted body to decide the ways and means for world peace. He told that India being a founder of NAM and Syria being a NAM member country, should come out openly against USAs game plan to attack Syria and create a world opinion for that. He urged upon the people to come forward for protest action against USAs hegemony on Syria and build a powerful peace movement.


Others who spoke in the meeting presided over by district committee secretary, Suresh Panigrahy include state secretariat member Dusmanta Das, state Kisan Sabha secretary, Yameswar Samantray and others.

Later, a three member delegation led by Janardan Pati submitted a memorandum to the Odisha governor.