People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 37

September 15, 2013



CPI(M) to Intensify Struggle on Peoples Issues


From Our Special Correspondent in Kolkata


THE extended meeting  of the CPI(M) West Bengal state committee called upon all the Party units to intensify struggle on peoples issues. The two-day meeting on September 7-8 decided to mobilise people against the increasing burdens caused by the policies of the central and state governments. Statewide movement against price rise and local level movements against distress of toiling masses will be organised. The meeting, which reviewed the results of panchayat elections and organisational activities of the Party also called for a patient and sustained effort to strengthen ties with the broadest sections of the masses.


Prakash Karat, addressing the meeting, explained the national political situation. Karat said, the Congress and the UPA have become increasingly alienated from the people by pursuing neo-liberal policies. In the face of serious economic crisis, the UPA government is trying to impose heavier burdens on the people. The BJP is trying to take advantage of this alienation of the UPA. They are posing Narendra Modi as the leader as he has the support of a good section of big bourgeoisie and hardcore Hindutva forces. Increasing communal incidents in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are a pointer to imminent danger. The Left forces are trying to mobilise non-Congress, non-BJP secular forces against the neo-liberal policies on a platform. At the same time, the Left forces have decided to intensify struggles of the toiling people against the neo-liberal attacks.


Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, in his intervention, said, the terrorisation by the ruling party and the state administration thwarted peoples verdict in the panchayat elections. Despite this, the Left Front has been able to maintain its political influence in some districts and even marginally gained in some areas. The situation demands patient and consistent struggle on peoples issues. Mass protest and mass resistance will develop on the basis of sustained struggles of peasants and toiling masses. The attacks on people have necessitated new struggles. Our aim is to mobilise larger number of people in these struggles. To achieve that we have to develop the Party with cleaner image, he said.


Biman Basu, concluding the discussion, said, the situation in the state is increasingly turning grave. The attacks on democratic rights are increasing. The panchayat elections have exposed the anti-democratic character of the ruling party and the state government. We have to build up struggle to defend democracy. The organisational strength of the Party has to be developed manifolds. We have to move with self-critical appraisal and overcome the deficiencies.


Among the tasks set out from the meeting, the consolidation of young activists who bravely fought in the panchayat elections has been given priority. The Party leadership at all levels should take greater responsibility and have courage to lead in this difficult period. A sustained programme for political ideological education has been given.