People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 37

September 15, 2013



Historic Kolkata Peace Rally

Protests against US Imperialism

Says No to War on Syria

THE entire state of West Bengal came out on the streets in lakhs on September 1 to protest against all forms of imperialist occupations in the world. The rallies expressed anger against imperialist depredations and the neo-liberal economic policies being pursued by the ruling opportunist powers.


The state has an experience of organising such peace rallies, especially on September 1, every year to protest against imperialist occupations. Some of the earlier rallies were against Israel-US joint occupation in Palestine and Gaza Strip, against joint military exercise between India and US, against war on Iraq, against promoting ethnic crisis in East European countries etc.

Kolkata witnessed yet another historic rally against all forms of imperialist occupations on the very same day. The rally was in protest of the following issues of both global and national interest:

i)                   Growing US armed control in South East Pacific Asia;

ii)                 Growing US intervention in Indian issues;

iii)               Growing US imperialist intervention across nations.


The rally, organised by state Left Front Committee and other Left organisations, started from Rani Rashmoni Avenue toward Deshbandhu Park, Shyambazar, North Kolkata. The rally was formally inaugurated by the Left Front chairman Biman Basu along with other Left Front leaders.

In his inaugural speech Biman Basu said that US imperialism has decided to attack Syria and planned to aggravate its military surveillance in the whole of Asia. He recalled how earlier the US used similar lies to invade Iraq and almost demolished its development and sovereignty. He lambasted the United States for continuing efforts to establish hegemonic rule over various Asian nations. US and its allies are also having plans to set up strong military base on Asian soil. The rally therefore has its significance to launch protest against US militarism and hegemony, said Biman Basu.


Basu also sharply criticised the UPA-II government for rallying with US imperialism on various internal and external issues. He attacked the US attempts for surveillance over our national issues and the weak response from Indian government. He warned the US to immediately stop the surveillance programme. Basu also demanded ending of Israeli occupation in Palestine and Gaza Strip. He called upon people to unite against growing US intervention in our country's affairs.


The Kolkata rally was marked with decorated tableaus, posters, festoons, banners against US imperialism. The rally, when it reached Deshbandhu Park, Shyambazar had its tail at Lenin Sarani at the initial point! It was a clear message to all associates of imperialist forces to be restrained in aiding imperialist attacks and expansions.


Similar anti-Imperialist rally was organised in Silliguri, North Bengal on the same day where thousands of people marked their protest against imperialist expansion and occupation in developing nations, including India. The rally was led by the Left Front leadership that included Ashok Bhattacharya, Jibesh Sarkar and others. Along with Kolkata and Silliguri, the Anti-Imperialism Day has been observed in different parts of the world, like, in front of White House and Times Square in US; Trafalgar Square in London where people are protesting against the US plans to attack Syria.