People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 32

August 11 , 2013

National Convention of Central Trade Unions  Massive Demo before Parliament on Dec 12

A K Padmanabhan

THE central trade unions and independent national federations called upon the workers all over the country to intensify the struggle against the adamant attitude of the government in neglecting their genuine demands through massive participation in the next phase of united action.

The national joint convention of workers held on August 6 at Mavlankar Hall in New Delhi strongly condemned the indifference being shown to the demands of workers, which, even the prime minister had to concede, were unexceptionable and reflected the demands of the people in the country.

Delegates coming from all the states, representing every sector � organised, unorganised and scheme workers covering all sections of working people in both public and private sectors attended the convention. The hall, overflowing with the delegates reverberated with slogans on the 10 point charter of demands on which countrywide 48 hours general strike was organised on February 20-21, 2013.

The government which was under pressure held discussions with the central trade unions, but without any concrete proposals to meet their demands. In the discussions with CTUs on May 22, defence minister A K Antony assured the unions that they would come back to the table after a month.

But, the government has failed to keep its assurance. Instead, it is going ahead with its neo-liberal agenda.

Angry with the policies of the government, the workers in various sectors are already on the struggle path. The strike against disinvestment in NLC in Tamilnadu is a pointer.

It is in these circumstances that the national convention was called.

A presidium consisting of senior leaders of all the eleven central trade unions guided the proceedings. A K Padmanabhan represented the CITU in the presidium.

A draft declaration was circulated among the delegates.

National leaders of all the unions including BN Rai (BMS), KK Nair (INTUC), Tapan Sen (CITU), Gurudas Das Gupta (AITUC), HS Sidhu (HMS), Satyavan (AIUTUC), Rajiv Dimri (AICCTU), Lata Behn (SEWA), SP Tiwari (TUCC), Ashok Ghosh ((UTUC) and Pechimuthu (LPF) addressed the convention. In addition, state leaders of the central trade unions, leaders of various national federations of employees from banks, insurance, telecom, defence production, central and state government employees and teachers, participated in the convention.

All the leaders in one voice protested against the attitude of the UPA government in not listening to the demands of the workers.

All of them exhorted the workers to reach out to every workplace in the country with the message of united struggle and in support of the 10 point demands, preparing them for more heightened struggles.

This phase of the struggle will see country wide campaign and demonstration in all state capitals on September 25, 2013. On December 12, a massive demonstration will be held before parliament, for which main mobilisation will be from neighbouring states. On the same day, district level demonstrations will be held at all district head quarters in the country.

The declaration was unanimously adopted along with thunderous slogans