People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 28

July 14, 2013


Tamilnadu Prepares To Hold AIKS All India Conference


S P Rajendran


THE entire rank and file of the Tamilnadu Vivasayikal Sangam (Taminadu Kisan Sabha) is tirelessly working for successfully holding the 33rd national conference of the All India Kisan Sabha in Cuddalore from July 24-27.  Cuddalore, a coastal town, is well known for many glorious struggles by the peasants in the past.


The reception committee comprising 501 members, headed by K Balakrishnan, MLA and P Shanmugam, leaders of the TNKS is also preparing to hold a massive kisan rally on the last day of the conference.


As part of the preparation and campaign for the conference, TNKS has organised special seminars in almost all the districts. S Ramachandran Pillai, president of the AIKS, K Varadharajan, general secretary and Ashok Dhawale, vice president of AIKS addressed these seminars in various districts. Dr Venkatesh Athreya, CKC member and eminent economist, P Sainath, rural affairs editor, The Hindu, and an eminent journalist addressed seminars in many districts. Sainath said that the governments’ anti-agrarian policies and the impending entry of corporate houses in the agriculture sector will create a crisis for farmers in the near future. He pointed out that sustained struggle alone would change this situation. The kisan leaders addressed seminars across the state calling on the peasants to participate in thousands in the rally.


In Cuddalore district, as a campaign for the conference, the red flag of the AIKS was hoisted in 200 villages. In another 100 main centers of the district, 33 red flags in each center were hoisted coinciding with the 33rd conference of the AIKS.