People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 27

July 07, 2013


CITU Congratulates NLC Workers for Heroic Strike


THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions congratulated the workers as well as all the unions of Neyveli Lignite Corporation(NLC) in Tamilnadu for their all-in united indefinite strike action from July 4 against the decision of the government to disinvest shares of the public sector company.


The strike commenced on July 4 and around 27,000 workers including 13,000 contract workers are in complete strike with a firm determination to resist offloading of shares of NLC to private hands.


The CITU also congratulated all the trade unions and associations representing the employees and workers of NLC for the all-in unity they have built up in the course of anti-privatisation struggle.


The CITU condemned the move of the government and the NLC management to move to High Court to get the strike banned ignoring the sentiment and opinion not only of the workers and officers of NLC but the people of Tamilandu irrespective of political affiliations.


The heroic all-in united strike struggle of the NLC workers against privatisation and disinvestment would inspire the public sector workers and the working people in general in the struggle against anti-people economic policy and policy of privatisation. The CITU called upon the trade union movement and the working class in general to extend their support and solidarity to the heroic strike struggle by NLC workers.