People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 25

June 23, 2013




Women Feel Unsafe in TMC Regime


On June 13, 2013, four left oriented organisations of women submitted the following memorandum to M K Narayanan, the governor of West Bengal, regarding the deteriorating law and order situation in the state, particularly in relation to the safety and security of women in the state.


WE, the undersigned women’s organisations of the state, draw your kind attention to the recent incident at Kamduni village, Barasat in North 24 Parganas of the most heinous gang rape and murder of Shipra Ghosh, a college girl of 20 years and a first generation entrant into higher education. We express our strong condemnation of this rarest of the rare case of brutal sexual assault and murder, and demand immediate arrest of all the criminals involved in it.


This horrific incident leaves all other rape events behind in its degree of brutality. It is unprecedented in its sheer perversion and cruelty combined and has horrified and shocked everyone. On the other hand, it has caused serious resentment among all residents of Barasat in particular as the indifference of the administration has made Barasat synonymous with lack of safety for women.


This incident is a shameful pointer to the serious deterioration of law and order in the state and demonstrates the callousness of police authorities towards women’s safety. The state has witnessed that the chief minister, who is also the home minister and the administrative head, uttered not a single word on this horrible incident. It seems the state government likes to perform its duty only by declaring a monetary compensation and promising a job for the survivors of rape or their relatives.


Shipra was sexually assaulted in the most bestial fashion near a hooch-den which co-exists with a Trinamul Congress (TMC) office and the main accused person is known to be a Trinamul worker. So barbaric were the criminals that they did not even allow her to survive.


Secondly, we bring it to your notice that a good number of male and female candidates of the Left Front could not file their nominations this time. Physical assaults, killing, kidnapping, threat of abduction, displacement are being resorted to indiscriminately to prevent Left candidates from contesting the panchayat elections. The ruling party is not sparing even the family members of the candidates. Media persons covering news related to elections are also under attack.  While 50 per cent seats have been reserved for women candidates in these elections, it is a chilling situation when their safety cannot be guaranteed.


In this context, we demand your immediate intervention ensuring that the following measures are taken by the police and the administration:


1) Increased patrolling and deployment of police all over the state, Barasat in particular, to improve infrastructure to make it safer for women.


2) Fast track courts for all rape cases and immediately for Shipra’s rape and murder.


3) Increased sensitisation and effective impartial investigation and accountability of police in dealing with heinous crimes against women.


4) Prompt and effective role of the police and state administration to ensure free and fair panchayat elections.


5) Panchayat elections only to be held with adequate and effective security personnel.