People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 25

June 23, 2013


Venezuela Solidarity Committee Formed


A 17-MEMBER Venezuela Solidarity Committee (VSC) was formally constituted in New Delhi on June 12, 2013. The meeting was attended by A B Bardhan, Prakash Karat, Sudhakar Reddy, Debabrata Biswas, G Devrajan, Achin Vanaik, Ravi Roy, Nilotpal Basu and Pallab Sengupta. The committee was formed with the participant members with this understanding that it would be a broadbased committee by accommodating more members from different sections of society. The next meeting of the committee will be held at Ajoy Bhavan on July 19 evening.


The meeting has issued the following statement:


“The Venezuela Solidarity Committee (VSC) hereby affirms its commitment to promoting deeper understanding and friendship between the peoples of India and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The committee expresses its solidarity with the ongoing efforts by the people and government of Venezuela to create an independent, prosperous, democratic, peaceful and egalitarian society. Such support has become all the more necessary in light of the US administration’s effort to impugn the legitimacy of the recent presidential elections in that country, an electoral process deemed by international observers including from the US, as among the freest and fairest that have taken place anywhere. This committee also wishes to register its strong opposition to any attempt, whether direct or indirect, by the US in pursuit of its imperial interests to interfere with the right and freedom of the people of Venezuela to determine their own future. This committee supports the initiative taken by the government of Venezuela and by other progressive governments in South and Central America to bring about a greater continental unity that is also independent of outside powers in order to better resolve their common problems.”