People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 19

May 12, 2013




Left Front Decides to Launch Movement


From Our Special Correspondent in Kolkata


THE Left Front of West Bengal has decided to launch a vigorous campaign and agitation in the state on the burning issues facing the people. The campaign will start from May 20 through programmes in districts and will culminate in civil disobedience on May 31.


The state is at present reeling under a severe economic crisis. The livelihood of the people has been seriously affected. There is agricultural crisis and peasants are not getting fair prices, leading to decline in cultivation itself. The industrial scene is bleak with no new investment coming to the state. Employment generation has stagnated. The Left Front will raise the demand of specific policies and government action in all these areas.


The chit fund scam, the biggest financial scandal in the state after independence, has shattered the lives of millions who were cheated by Sharda and other fraudulent companies. Already, it has resulted in a spate of suicides. But the attitude of the state administration is only creating confusion and frustration among the people. The nexus between the ruling party and the Sharda group has been exposed beyond doubt. The Left Front will raise the demand of protection of the depositors and a comprehensive enquiry by CBI and other central and state agencies under court monitoring.


Democratic rights of the people are under attack. Violent attacks on the opposition, curbs on the rights of association, anarchy in educational institutions are rampant. The Left Front will demand maintenance of law and order as well as the protection of democratic rights.


Left parties have for long been agitating for a universal public distribution system and food security. The Left Front will reiterate this demand with full force.


According to the schedule, there will be campaigns in districts from May 20 to 26. Then there will be block and local level sit-in demonstrations in front of central and state government offices throughout the state from May 27 to 29. On May 31, a statewide civil disobedience movement will be organised, including in Kolkata.