People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 17

April 28, 2013





For Rebuffing Neo-Liberalism, Resisting Attacks, Defeating Divisive Forces, Strengthening People’s Unity


ON the occasion of May Day 2013, the day of the international solidarity and unity of the working class, the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) extends warmest revolutionary greetings to the entire fraternity of the working class and the toiling people of the country and of the world. On this great occasion, CITU reiterates its commitment to scientific socialism and its resolve to fight for ending the regime of exploitation of man by man.




CITU conveys warm fraternal greetings and expresses solidarity with the struggles of agricultural workers, poor and middle peasantry for their right to better wages, employment, right to social security; right to land, remunerative prices, public procurement and marketing facilities, institutional loans etc and also against the severe fall out of the deep agrarian crisis in the country as a result of neo-liberal economic policy regime. CITU aspires for a countrywide joint struggle of workers, peasants and agricultural workers for reversal of the neo-liberal policy regime which calls for urgent initiative in that direction at all levels of the organisations.


CITU conveys its fraternal greetings and message of solidarity to the struggles of the youth and students organisations for the right to education and employment; against commercialisation and privatisation of education and their democratic rights to organise and act. CITU expresses solidarity to the struggles of women’s organisations against discrimination, against violence and for their right to appropriate representation and empowerment at all forums and levels, while extending fraternal greetings to them.


CITU salutes the working class and the democratic people of Tripura for their frontline role in re-electing the Left Front government there in the last assembly election in a more resounding manner. It is a resounding endorsement of the performance and people centred policies of the Left Front government in the state.


CITU reaffirms its international solidarity with the working class of the socialist countries for their struggles in defence of the socialist system there. CITU strongly desires and also firmly believes that all conspiracies of the counter revolutionary forces, backed by imperialism to weaken the socialist system and restore capitalism, will finally be defeated by the working class and people of the socialist countries.  


CITU also greets the working class and toiling masses of the developed capitalist countries for their grim struggle including strikes and militant mobilisations  against the atrocious onslaught on their rights and livelihood by the crisis-ridden neo-liberal capitalist order in the name of so called austerity measures.  CITU upholds the spirit of the most appropriate slogan — “ninety nine per cent versus one per cent” — raised from the struggles and mobilisations there and longs for the same to be voiced much louder throughout the world as the battlecry of the working people against the most atrocious and inhuman face of the capitalist system under neo-liberal format.


The CITU reasserts the bondage of solidarity with the working class of the developing countries for their bitter struggles simultaneously against imperialist machinations on their country’s socio-political and economic governance on the one hand and onslaughts on their rights and livelihood by their respective ruling polity on the other under the influence of the imperialist driven neo-liberal order. 





On this occasion of May Day 2013, CITU reiterates its solidarity and support to the ongoing struggles against imperialist aggressions and hegemonistic ploy, particularly by the US imperialists at various parts of the globe.


CITU denounces the continuing illegitimate interventions and intimidating manoeuvres against Syria and Iran which are tantamount to shameless and arrogant infringement of sovereignty of other states and calls upon the peace and freedom loving people to raise their voice of condemnation against the same. The US imperialist clique, with the support of their European allies, has also been openly aiding and abetting the brutal suppression of the genuine upsurge of the people against the autocratic rulers of Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia and so on with money and war weapons. CITU condemns US and its allies’ provocation building tension in Korean peninsula. The US also in violation of world opinion has been continuing with illegitimate sanctions against Cuba and Iran.


CITU strongly condemns the continuing Israeli onslaught on the Palestinian people and frequent bombing of West Bank and Gaza with the support of the US administration. Such politico-military intimidation, interventions, manoeuvres by US and its allies with an aggressionist and hegemonic strategy has gained momentum during last one year along with deepening economic crisis worldwide. CITU reiterates its support to the struggle of the Palestinian people against US-backed Israeli onslaughts joins the working people worldwide in demanding recognition of an independent sovereign Palestinian state with the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.


CITU firmly upholds that the fight against imperialism is an integral part of the class struggle against exploitation by the neo-liberal capitalist order and undertakes with priority the task heightening the anti-imperialist consciousness of the working class movement as well as the consciousness for the international solidarity.


Liberating the people of the Arab world from the direct or indirect clutches of the imperialist forces and installation of genuine popular rule of democracy in the African and Middle East countries shall go a long way in the fight against imperialism. The specific experience of the struggle of the people of Latin America confirms that anti-imperialist struggle of the people under the leadership of working class wedded to the doctrine of class struggle is the path through which the Anglo-American imperialist powers can be driven out of the Arab region.  




On this May Day, CITU greets the people and the working class of Latin Americas for their determined and continuing struggles against the economic plunder of imperialism to make the imperialist retreat. 


The victory of the pro-Left political forces  in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and some other South American countries as well and their endeavour for an alternative path to neo-liberalism,  have delivered a severe blow to the US imperialism. The new correlations and combinations emerging there with the coming together of the 33 Latin American and Caribbean nations at a conference in Venezuela and formation of a regional forum called Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) is a very significant and positive development. CITU respectfully recalls the heroic contribution of Hugo Savez for Venezuelan alternative to neo-liberal imperialist path.


The socialist Cuba continues to be a beacon of anti-imperialist struggles in the entire Latin American continent. The socialist Cuba has played the catalytic role in motivating, uniting and mobilising the people of Latin America against US imperialism.  Moreover, despite economic blockade  for more than 50 years and constant conspiratorial onslaught of the of the US imperialist and other counter revolutionary forces, the social progress achieved by Cuba is a matter of great inspiration to working class.





The entire capitalist world has been reeling in crisis and recession and the working people have been on the streets raising their voice not to accept lying down the burden of crisis being thrown on them by the perpetrators of the crisis in the capitalist class. This phenomenon of aggravating crisis and surging peoples’ struggle presents the background for May Day 2013.


It is matter of great encouragement that the last one year has witnessed worldwide the waves of strikes and struggles and militant mobilisations of the working class and also people from all walks of life to oppose and resist the capitalist class’s ploy to shift the burden of crisis on to common people through job-cuts, wage-cuts, cut on social security and drastic reduction in subsidy and welfare expenditures by respective governments in the capitalist countries — all in the name of so called austerity drives. The entire Europe, the United States of America and the countries of Asia and Africa are reverberating with strikes and militant street demonstrations.


The present crisis and global recession is the inevitable culmination of the neo-liberal economic order driven by reckless lust for profit at any cost led by speculation-prone international finance capital. Instead of correcting the trajectory, recovery from the crisis is being ventured by the capitalist-led ruling classes through passing on the burden on the workers and the people at large thereby further aggravating unemployment, job-losses and impoverishment which were already pushed up to unmanageable level by the crisis itself, thereby further aggravating the crisis and recession.


Commenting on the so called austerity drives and privatisation exercises, Nobel laureate Joseph Stglitz said, this medicine failed in East Asia, Latin America and elsewhere and it will fail in Europe time around too. Speaking at a function in Sydney on August 14, none other than the World Bank president Zoellick said that there is a convergence of events in Europe and United States pushing the situation “into a new danger zone..…moving from ‘Drama’ to ‘Trauma.


The inefficacy of the capitalist system to find a resolution of the crisis started getting exposed before the people worldwide and the most popular slogan of the day being raised internationally —“ninety nine per cent versus one per cent” is an indication of the same. The class oriented trade union movement must carry this indication to widespread consciousness and that must be the battlecry for May Day 2013.



The working people of the country will be observing May Day this year definitely with a sense of pride as well as confidence. May Day 2013 is coming in the immediate aftermath of the historic two days countrywide general strike on February 20-21, 2013 called by the all-in united platform of all the trade union centres in the country which demonstrated fuming anger of the toiling people at large as well as a firm resolve to fight back the miseries inflicted on their lives and livelihood by the anti-people pro-corporate policies of the ruling polity. And it is just not the workers who participated in the two days countrywide strike action but people en masse from almost all walks of lives have extended their whole hearted support. Such popular support for the strike action by trade unions reflects high expectation of the common populace from the organised trade union movement of the country, the working class as such. The expectation is that their concerns and agonies would be voiced more effectively and loudly in the days to come in the background of unbearable miseries and darkness being inflicted by the anti-people policies of loot and plunder by the corporate-captive ruling polity. Their expectation is also to make the looters and plunderers in governance to beat a retreat. Let the May Day 2013 invigorate such confidence in the working class movement to carry on the struggle to further height and rally the mass of the people in the same.


The situation is no doubt challenging. The task is one of exposing the distortion and perversion being generated by the corporate-captive ruling polity with unimaginable arrogance and desperateness in the whole body of the national economy and society and the utter contempt it has been displaying towards the mass of the common people and the workers in particular. The task is one of exposing how a government elected by the people of this country are acting only on the agenda of benefiting handful of corporates, both foreign and also domestic and also dancing at the dictates of international finance capital. 


The country is facing an economic slowdown in the background of severe crisis and deepening recession throughout the capitalist world. The workers, who create GDP for the country, deliver revenues for the exchequers and profit for the employers are the worst affected, while profit level as well as illegitimate gains have been soaring up. Aggravating unemployment and job-losses have become the order of the day along with drastic suppression in wages and cut in social security benefits for those who are in jobs. The workers who produce wealth and services are finding their share in gains of production is going down drastically even as per official estimate while the share of profit has gone up by more than three times in the process of just one and half decade. All labour laws, supposed to give some minimal protection to labour are being trampled underfoot with the patronisation of enforcement authority. Trade union rights are under brutal attack by the employers-government combine in most of the workplaces in most of the states, particularly in private corporate sector, both domestic and foreign.


Despite recessionary gloom in the industrial sector, prices of all essentials including food-items have been continuously rising which is further fuelled by frequent hikes in prices of fuels like petrol, diesel, LPG etc. Side by side speculative trade in commodity market has been increasing in volume by leaps and bounds every year. It becomes amply clear that price-rise is not happening, it is being made to happen by those in governance to benefit the corporate speculators in commodity market to ensure windfall profit for them, no matter, people go hungry or children go undernourished.


The whole economy management is reflecting a perverse trend. The government, while lamenting on fiscal deficit, has been doling away huge concessions to corporate class (Rs 5.73 lakh crore in 2012-13) from the same deficit-ridden exchequer and allowed to accumulate uncollected direct tax arrears from the same class to the tune of Rs 4.83 lakh crore. Despite sluggish investment situation, the government has deregulated the financial sector by creating bigger space for private and foreign banks to mop up Indian people’s saving and channelise the same to speculation and other non-priority sector. They are selling away shares of blue chip PSUs in strategic and natural resource sector, that too at a depressed prices causing huge loss to country’s exchequer besides allowing private and foreign entities to grip bigger control on public asset. In the background of aggravating unemployment situation, the government of the day have no qualms of hesitation to allow FDI in multi-brand retail trade sector in the country which is the second biggest source of livelihood for the people after agriculture.   


Employment generation is going down despite increase in GDP growth reflecting the perversion of jobless growth.  Employment and decent work has become the worst victim under various counts --- retrenchment, recruitment-ban, outsourcing, casualisation, contractisation, informalisation, “no wage but honorarium instead” and so on.  The just concluded 14th conference of CITU has therefore decided to intensify the struggle for a total change in the policy regime and also to popularise the demand for reduction in working hours to “35 hours a week and a four-shift working day” being raised internationally in view of tremendous surge in workers’ productivity in the background of technological advancement and also widespread unemployment.   


On this May Day 2013, CITU therefore vows to work for further heightening the united struggle of the working class and elevating the struggle to one for changing the anti-people pro-imperialist policy regime. It pledges to widen and consolidate the unity of the workers at the grass root level and consolidate the same and also widen the canvas of the unity to rally the people in the countrywide combat against the exploitative policies.


CITU considers the task of widening unity is a multidimensional one which encompasses the tasks also to fight against the various hues of divisive, disruptive and communal forces operating actively in the society to divide the people on caste, creed, identity and religious line taking advantage of the sufferings of the people and anguish generated out of that. Consistent and simultaneous battle against such divisive, disruptive and communal forces and ideologies and proactive initiative to struggle against social oppression and also to champion the causes of the most downtrodden and exploited section of the society from the class-platform must form an integral part of the multidimensional task of widening and consolidating unity of the people.  






The international day of working class solidarity brought forth the task of organising solidarity with renewed vigour with the struggles against attack on working class and democratic movement within the country as well. In midst of crisis, the capitalist employers and the governments at their behest became more atrocious and desperate in crushing down collective assertion of the workers and trade unions for their just demands and rights. The trade union movement is being tackled with inhuman brutality and vengeance by the state administration in connivance with the employers’ class. Trade union leaders and activists are being booked with charges of even ‘attempt to murder’ (section 307 of CrPC) for demonstration and picketing on strike day. This has become general feature of the industrial relations scenario at the workplaces in the country. The experiences of Maruti-Suzuki in Haryana, Yanam Regency in Puddicherry, Hyundai, Foxconn, Nokia etc at Tamilnadu, Allied Nippon at Ghaziabad, Everest Industries at Nasik, Maharshtra, Volvo in Karnataka, Haldia Port, IOC bottling plant, Durgapur Steel in West Bengal etc are the examples of increasing incidences of atrocities by the employers-contractors-state administration combine against the legitimate trade union activities and rights of the workers. Such incidents of attack are expected to rise and widespread solidarity action by the working class all over the country is the urgent need of the hour. May Day 2013 must invigorate such spirit and consciousness for solidarity preparedness among the trade union movement.




On this great occasion of International day of solidarity, CITU reasserts its commitment for the solidarity to the heroic struggles of the working class and democratic people of West Bengal braving the continuing barbarous attacks and atrocities being unleashed by the goons and hoodlums of Trinamul Congress (TMC) on the trade unions, mass organisations, Left Parties and in fact on all democratic institutions letting loose a barbarous regime of terror.  The attacks are going on with the active support of the state administration under the TMC led Government there. Trade union offices are being set on fire and ransacked, left supporters are being physically attacked, women including the Anganwadi employees are molested and tortured, houses set in fire and many of our comrades have been killed. Till date more than 90 leading cadres of the democratic movement including six from the trade unions have been killed; the number is increasing every day.  In many areas, contract workers owing allegiance to CITU unions were thrown out of employment and new set of workers are engaged at reduced wages in connivance with the contractors. An atmosphere of terror is sought to be created to maim the Left opposition and democratic movement. The intolerance of TMC regime in all kinds of democratic opposition has reached an alarming extent. A young student arrested in the process of civil disobedience movement organised by SFI has been brutally beaten to death in police custody in the first week of April 2013. And widespread protest against such custodial death which sprang all over the country is being sought to countered by the TMC led Government through a fresh bout of violence and arsons by the TMC hoodlums on April 9, 2013 onwards and it is still continuing.  Several thousands of offices of trade unions, other mass organisations of peasants, students, youth, women and offices of Left parties have been ransacked and burnt down to ashes, activists and supporters including women were severely beaten in an orchestrated attacks and arsons engineered by the TMC hoodlums with the active support of the police force. Numerous leading activists including senior trade union leaders have been indiscriminately arrested in false cases. In protest to such barbarism, the workers and people from all walks life have been mobilising in several thousands and holding processions, demonstration etc.   


It is matter of pride that despite such attacks and terror, the working class in the state did successfully implemented the call for two days general strike braving all threats and physical violence by the TMC led government there and also combated bravely the post-general strike attacks an violence by the TMC goons in vengeance. CITU salutes the working class and democratic people of the state for such commitment to class struggle.


Similar disturbance and attacks were being sought to be created in Left Front ruled Tripura state prior to Assembly election which was finally held in February 2013. In Kerala also, another stronghold of working class and democratic movement, similar maligning campaigns, implication in false cases along with occasional physical attacks are being sought to be launched by the right-wing forces since last assembly election. 


On this May Day, CITU, while offering Red Salute to the martyrs of working class and democratic movements, pledges to rouse the working class throughout the country ideologically and organisationally, to unite and fight against the brutal onslaught on their fellow travellers in West Bengal and also in Kerala and Tripura who always remained in the frontline of battle championing the cause of the working class and led the struggle against exploitative regime of the capitalist order.



MAY DAY 2013

On this May Day, CITU reiterates its resolve of extending international solidarity to the struggles being fought by the toiling people in developed and developing countries against imperialism and neo-liberal economic order.


On this May Day CITU appeals to the working people in the country to work for further expanding, strengthening and sustaining the all-in unity of the trade union movement to combat and confront the onslaught being brought down by the corporate captive ruling polity on the rights and livelihood of the workers at every workplace; the struggle against attack on labour rights in workplace must be supplemented by solidarity actions in all others. Solidarity actions must form an inseparable part of the day to day collective life of the working people. This is the call of May Day.


On this May Day, CITU calls upon the working class to remain vigilant and fight against the divisive forces of all hues --- communalism, casteism and parochialism while defending and expanding the unity of the class and the people in the struggle against oppression and exploitation.


Long Live International Solidarity of the Working Class!

Down with Capitalism & Imperialism!

Down with Neo-liberal Imperialist Globalisation!

Long Live Socialism!

Workers of the World, Unite!