People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 13

March 31, 2013




Odisha: CITU Holds State Conference


Ramesh Jena


THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) held its 12th Odisha state conference on March 3-5, 2013 --- at Comrade M K Pandhe Nagar, G C Satpathy Manch, it the industrial hub of Angul city of Odisha, wherein 346 delegates participated from different trade unions representing 1,76,862 members working among the organised and unorganised workers.


The conference started with a big rally and public meeting of workers, at the Stadium ground in Angul; it was presided over by CITU state president Lambodar Nayak. All-India leaders of the CITU like its vice president Basudeb Acharia and general secretary Tapan Sen, and its state leaders like Janardan Pati, Sivaji Patnaik and Bishnu Mohanty.


In his address, Basudeb Acharia referred to how workers and employees are facing tremendous attacks from the central government led by Dr Manmohan Singh, augmenting their sufferings and jeopardising not only their livelihood but also their very right to get organised. About the recent 48 hours general strike, he said the government was informed about it much before but it called for a meeting with the trade unions only three days before the strike. The prime minister also asked the group of ministers to discuss the issues with the trade union representatives but unfortunately the finance minister did not attend the meeting. He said the workers throughout the country have bravely fought for a change in government policy and welcomed the workers and other masses to have organised a massive strike action in Odisha.


Tapan Sen condemned the attitude of the government which has been very fast in launching attacks on the people in the form of price rises, expressed concern over the anti-people food policy of the government and extended the CITU’s wholehearted support to the Left parties in their movement for food security in the country.


Janardan Pati, Sivaji Patnaik and Bishnu Mohanty dwelt on the state of working class actions in Odisha.


The conference started with the flag hoisting by the CITU state president Lambodar Nayak. The general secretary’s report was placed by Bishnu Mohanty which discussed the national, international and state situation in detail. It said in spite of high investment from national and international corporations in the state, there has been a decline in per capita income. It also touched upon the consequences of rises in the prices of essential food items, rising unemployment, migration of labourers, low level of wages, and the spate of scams to loot the mineral resources of the state, etc. The general secretary’ report was discussed by 57 delegates.


The statement of accounts was placed by Dusmant Das, the treasurer.


The conference was addressed by fraternal delegates from the AITUC, HMS, BEFI, AIKS, AIDWA, AIDWA and DYFI.


The conference adopted 12 resolutions on issues like food security, minimum wages, unorganised labour and social security, corruption, various attacks on labour movements etc.


The CITU’s all-India president A K Padmanabhan also addressed the delegates, welcoming the effort of the CITU state committee for advance in various spheres.


The report of the general secretary and statement of accounts were unanimously adopted by the conference before it elected an 88 member working committee. The latter, in turn, elected a 25 member executive with Lambodar Nayak as president, Bishnu Mohanty as general secretary, Sivaji Patnaik as vice president and Dusmant Das as treasurer for the next term.