People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 02

January 13, 2013







Human Chain Condemns Violence on Women


C P Krishnan


A human chain with nearly two thousand women and men was formed for a stretch of about two kilometres from Labour Statue to Gandhi Statue in Marina Beach, Chennai on January 3, 2013 evening from 4 pm to 5.30 pm organised by middle class organisations and other class and mass organisations with the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) in the lead to condemn the violence on women and demand comprehensive measures from the state and the central governments to prevent such attacks and render expeditious relief and justice to the victims.  The rape and murder of a Delhi physiotherapy student has shaken the conscience of the Indian public.  From the day this attack was reported, more than hundred such incidents have been reported all over the country in the media in the next fortnight.  Dozens of such gory incidents have been reported in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry.


As a responsible organisation sensitive to the sufferings of the women and committed to the gender equality, the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) took the lead in convening the other like-minded mass and class organisations on  December 28, 2012 to plan for a programme to protest against the violence on women.  A new body has been formed in the name of “Movement against violence on women”. Bank Employees Federation of India, All India Insurance Employees Association, BSNL Employees Union, Confederation of Central Government Employees, Tamilnadu Government Employees Association, Dakshin Railway Employees Union, ICF United Workers Union, Teachers’ Organisations and All India Defence Employees Federation are the middle class organisations which are part of this body. Besides these, Centre of Indian Trade Unions, Working Women’s Co-ordination Committee, Democratic Youth Federation of India and Students’ Federation of India are the other organisations that are part of this newly formed body.  The call for human chain was given by this newly formed body.


Besides the members of the participating organisations, members of other organisations and NGOs like Vishranthi old age home, Islamic women’s association, girls and boys from nearby colleges also participated.  The participants expressed their anger and anguish through covering their mouth and eyes with black ribbon. A vociferous protest demonstration was held with all the participants gathering near Gandhi Statue at 5.30 pm.  U Vasuki, national secretary, AIDWA highlighted the perpetuating attacks on women and girl children, the number of such violent incidents alarmingly increasing since the beginning of the era of neo-liberalisation(LPG).  The apathy of the administration, insensitivity of the judiciary and the irresponsibility of the media with regard to portraying women as consumer products were explained.  She demanded that fast track special courts should be appointed all over the country, to start with in all the district headquarters to deal with  violence on women in any form, the proceedings are to be conducted  without any let up and the culprits to be punished within a period of maximum six months. The erring police officers who refuse to register cases should be taken to task and whoever tries to shield the accused, however superior position they occupy in the society, they should also be exposed and legally dealt with, she said. Vasuki also demanded that the central and the state governments should bring a positive change in the syllabus of the primary classes itself to educate the children of gender equality.


An oath was taken by all those who assembled with T A Latha, secretary of the Tamilnadu state committee of CITU reading out the same. It was concluded with the observance of two minutes’ silence for those who lost their lives in these kinds of brutal attacks on women.