People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 50

December 16, 2012


Attack on CPI(M) in West Bengal Assembly

From our special correspondent


THE West Bengal assembly witnessed its worst bedlam when ruling Trinamool Congress members, including ministers attacked Left Front members within the house injuring several members. CPI(M) MLA and former minister Debalina Hembram was severely beaten and kicked by TMC male members also. Another MLA, Gouranga Chatterjee suffered a head injury. Three members were hospitalised in this brutal attack.


This attack started when Left members tried to bring an adjournment motion on the mushrooming of chit funds in the state. Thousands of people are facing dire consequences of cheating by these funds. There are clear allegations that the ruling party leaders are promoting some of the big funds. The reaction of the ruling party members within assembly actually proved that.


Opposition leader Suryakanta Mishra alleged that his adjournment motion on chit funds had been severely edited by the speaker, leading to a round of debate. When the opposition protested, TMC ministers and members rushed menacingly towards them. Some of them lifted Hembram, and threw her into floor, kicking and beating her. Some other members were injured when they tried to rescue her.


In another blatant action, the speaker of the house suspended three Left Front MLAs while remaining silent about the behavior of the ruling party. Left Front members refused to participate in the assembly proceedings after that. They staged ‘Mock Assembly” outside assembly building. There was an all-round criticism of this attack on democracy throughout the state. Rallies and protest meetings followed for two days.


TMC MLA Sikha Mitra has been suspended by her party as she criticised the behavior of her colleagues exposing the ruthless nature of the ruling party in the state.