People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 49

December 09, 2012



Comrade PS Birth Centenary

Observed in Odisha


Dusmanta Das


BUILDING up a revolutionary political alternative based on revolutionary principles would be the most befitting tribute one can pay to the legendary communist leader, the architect of Telangana People’s armed struggle, the founder general secretary of the CPI(M) Comrade P Sundarayya. 


This was stated by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury while participating in Comrade P Sundarayya birth centenary programme organised by CPI(M) Odisha state committee at Bhubaneswar on November 17. He said such meetings being organised across the country following the decision of the 20th Party Congress is helping in developing the political-ideological understanding of the Party cadres and spreading the ideals of Marxism-Leninism for which Comrade Sundarayya dedicated his entire life.


Yechury said that Comrade PS was referred to as a ‘communist saint’ for his very simple living. He recalled there was people’s rule in Telangana area for three long years during the armed struggle period. More than 10 lakh acres of land was distributed amongst the landless peasants as a result of that heroic struggle. The popularity of the communist movement led by Comrade PS, M Basavapunnaiah and others can be gauged from the fact that when the Communist Party fought the general election to Lok Sabha, its candidates from the area were elected.


When Gandhiji withdrew satyagraha movement following Chauri Chaura incident, it created widespread discontent and the youth of India searched for an alternate path. Comrade PS was one amongst them and he strongly felt that India does not need just political independence from British rule but also economic independence. By that time, the legendary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh had also accepted socialism as the main goal for emancipation of Indian people from exploitation and British rule. Sundarayya accepted Marxism-Leninism because on the basis of this revolutionary principle one can decide what is right and what is wrong in a given situation.


Yechury stated that Sundarayya was a revolutionary who consistently championed the issues of the people. He contributed immensely towards building a modern India viz his contribution for reorganisation of states on the basis of language, his memorandum to National Development Council on centre-state relations and abolition of zamindari system following Telangana peoples’ struggle. He also fought hard against caste oppression. He had even removed ‘Reddy’ from his name as a symbol of rejection of caste system.


Referring to the inner social contradictions present in the Indian society, Yechury said the CPI(M) has taken note of the three main contradictions: the contradiction between imperialism and the Indian people; the contradiction between imperialism and the working class and the agrarian contradiction i.e between the landlords and the peasantry and agricultural labourers. He said that the people can get relief if these contradictions can be overcome. Imperialism now has tremendous clout over Indian ruling classes and its representative ruling parties.


Commenting on the world economic situation Yechury said that capitalism is in deep crisis. After the 2007-08 economic crisis, capitalism is set to face serious crisis in 2013-14.  The rate of growth has further slowed down. Earlier financial institutions/corporations were becoming bankrupt, but the measures taken by developed capitalist countries have landed some of the States to be bankrupt i.e; bankruptcy of corporations has led to bankruptcy of nations. The International Finance Capital does not accept any hindrance to its free movement from any nation States. To ensure this it wants all national laws to be made subservient to it. Its only purpose is profit. Hence water, electricity, mines, education, health etc are being privatised for the sole purpose of profit.


He recalled how even capitalist countries had to provide subsidies to the people during existence of Soviet Union. Now after its dismantlement, subsidies are under severe attack in all capitalist countries. The cut backs in government expenditure is being done citing the economic crisis of capitalism. But in the process, the purchasing power of  common people is getting reduced which ultimately enhances the crisis of capitalism, since there is no purchaser for the goods produced. All this shows that capitalist system cannot be crisis free. That is why there is need for a revolutionary political alternative i.e. socialism.


Coming to national situation, he said both the Congress and BJP are thoroughly corrupt as was seen in various scams tumbling out in the last few years. He charged that parliament is being disrupted by both the parties so that their true colours are not exposed before the public. The Radia tapes have clearly exposed the clout of imperialism and monopolists over both the Congress & BJP. But no one can raise their fingers towards Left parties, he asserted.



Referrring to the prime minister’s statement about money not growing on trees, Yechury asked as to how the central government could give out Rs 5,28,000 crore to private corporates and few rich people in the form of tax concessions while cruelly cutting down subsidy on PDS, fertilizer, foodgrains etc which are used by milllions of poor people in the country. The Manmohan Singh government’s latest moves to allow FDI in retail, insurance, bank and pension funds, its decision to reduce the number of LPG cylinders, its hiking of prices of petro products are going to create havoc for the working people. He said the experience till now has been that the major portion of FDI inflows into the country have been used for speculative purposes, resulting in rise in prices of essential commodities, real estate and gold.


In such a situation, a revolutionary political alternative is required. Left parties are capable of providing it and the CPI(M) in particular has to take up this historic task.  Hence, in observing the birth centenary of Comrade P Sundaraya, we should try to build the real alternative which will cater to fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the common people. That alone will be the real tribute to the great leader, so saying he concluded.


Janardan Pati, secretary of Odisha state committee, in his speech said that Sundarayya knew the art of waging both the armed struggle as well as parliamentary struggle for developing the class struggle based on alternate policy to serve the interests of the common people. Veteran leader of the Party, Sivaji Patnaik presided over the meeting. Leaders of different political parties, intellectuals and Party cadres attended the jam packed meeting.