People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 48

December 02, 2012



International Meeting of the Communist and Workers' Parties


Fourteenth IMCWP Meets in Beirut, Lebanon


R Arun Kumar


THE 14th meeting of the communist and workers' parties was inaugurated by the secretary general of the Lebanese Communist Party in Beirut on November 23. The meeting ended on the 25th after three days of discussion on the theme: 'Strengthen the struggles against escalating imperialist aggressiveness, for satisfying peoples socio-economic democratic rights and aspirations, for socialism'.


Marie Nassif-Debs, deputy general secretary of LCP and secretary, international relations welcomed the participants. Nearly 100 delegates from 60 parties and 44 countries participated in this meeting.


Dr Khaled Hadadah in his inaugural speech attacked the US policy of ‘New Middle-East’ and its increased aggressiveness in the region. He saluted the people of Gaza and Palestinians for their heroic resistance of the Israeli aggression.


A short film documenting the rich revolutionary legacy of the LCP was shown during the inaugural ceremony. Discussions on the draft declaration placed before the meeting started after the inaugural session.


Seven sessions were held for the delegates from various countries to intervene on the theme of the session. All the delegates spoke about the growing impact of the economic crisis on their countries and the attacks on the livelihoods of the working class and the common people. They cited the increasing unemployment, reduction in real wages and social security measures that were enforced in their countries. The representatives from the communist and workers' parties in Europe specifically talked about the intervention of the European Union and the IMF in the internal affairs of their countries and how they are dictating the economic policies. A heartening feature, they had pointed out is, the rising protests against these attacks.


There was a unanimous condemnation of the recent Israeli attack on Gaza and the imperialist attacks of intervention in the Middle-East. The project 'New Middle-East' of the US and the increasingly militarist role of the European countries is for the control of the rich energy resources available in abundance in the region. The communist parties from Germany and Italy pointed out the way their governments are militarising their countries, contrary to their constitutional mandate and the opinion of the people.


Delegates expressed their support for the peoples' protests in the Middle-East, Latin America and the world over against the growing aggressiveness of imperialism.


On the second day, November 24, a protest demonstration was organised in Beirut, Lebanon, against the Israeli aggression on Gaza and in solidarity with Palestinian people in front of the UN building.


All the participants of the meeting along with the comrades from LCP participated in the demonstration. Marie Nassif-Debs explained the context and the importance of the protest. She stated that the communist and workers parties from all continents of the world and representing the working class have gathered here to express their condemnation of the imperialist backed Israeli aggression. She invited the representatives from the CPI(M), KKE, CPRF, SACP, CPUSA, CP Egypt, Palestinian Peoples' Party and the general secretary of the LCP to address the protest demonstration. All of them condemned the Israeli aggression and reiterated their solidarity with the Palestinians. They also condemned the role of imperialism and the way hundreds of UN resolutions are allowed to be violated by Israeli. They vowed to strengthen the solidarity movement with Palestine world over, till the just demands of Palestinians were meant – Palestine with 1967 borders, Jerusalem as the capital and the right of all Palestinians to return to their homeland.


Delegates from the Arab countries spoke about how Muslim Brotherhood is mixing politics with Islam – a trend that is increasing in the region and they had named it as 'political Islam'. The representative of the Communist Party of Egypt, particularly spoke about the situation in their country after the fall of Mubarak and the recent developments where president Morsi had usurped powers for the president. He said that there is a lot of resentment growing among the people of the Egypt, particularly with poverty and economic hardships still remaining an important concern for the majority of the people. He said that more than 1400 sit-in protests were organised by the working class after the Muslim Brotherhood had assumed power. After the recent acts of president Morsi, he said that offices of Muslim Brotherhood are being burnt in many localities by the angered working class. He reported that a broad coalition of the socialist forces in the country and also a 'Defence Front for Workers' Rights' too was formed to lead the protest demonstrations.


Representative from the Jordanian Communist Party reported how the Muslim Brotherhood and the US are working in tandem in their country. He said Muslim Brotherhood is receiving a lot of financial help from the US and is running many institutions like schools etc with this support. He said the Muslim Brotherhood represents the interests of the national bourgeoisie in their country, a fact that was endorsed by all the other delegates from the region.


The representatives of the communist parties from the Latin American region stated that there was recently a meeting of the communist parties of their region, held in Guayaquil in Ecuador and hosted by the Communist Party of Ecuador. Thirteen communist and workers' parties participated in this meeting and adopted a common declaration about the developments in the region. They unanimously declared their support for Cuba that was in the midst of US imposed intense economic blockade and other progressive governments in the continent. The declaration also hailed the recent election victories of Hugo Chavez and of the communist parties in Brazil and Nicaragua. This declaration also criticised the increasing US intervention in the region, which is trying to subvert this progressive path. They had also decided to further develop the solidarity between the communist, workers' parties and other progressive forces in the continent against the imperialist machinations. Reiterating their support to the progressive governments in the region, they stated that it is the duty of the communist and workers' parties to further deepen and strengthen the process for revolutionary transformation.


Delegates of all countries stressed the need for strengthening the working class struggles across the world in their respective countries. They were also unanimous in the opinion that only through the strengthening of the working class struggles can the imperialist aggression and attacks on the livelihoods can be fought back. They also stated that this is the only way in which a systemic alternative to capitalism can be built. The meeting was also unanimous in the opinion that socialism is the only alternative before the people and it can be achieved.


A joint declaration – the Beirut Declaration was adopted by the delegates unanimously after an intense discussion on its various aspects and formulations.

(Beirut Declaration will be carried in the next issue of

People’s Democracy – Ed)