People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 47

November 25, 2012




Left Parties Hold Protests

Before Walmart Stores


LEFT parties in the state held spirited demonstrations in front of Bharti-Walmart stores in various cities of the state on November 19 protesting against Manmohan Singh government's decision to allow FDI in retail sector. Big protests were held in Hyderabad, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Guntur and Tirupati despite deployment of police in large numbers.


The protest in front of the outlet in Rajendranagar in Hyderabad was led by CPI(M) state secretary B V Raghavulu, CPI state secretary K Narayana and leaders of MCPI, CPI(ML), RSP, Forward Bloc, MCPI(U), CPI(ML) New Democracy and others. The protest continued for more than an hour and tension arose when the protesters tried to barge into the store. The police prevented them and arrested the top leaders. The protest in Rajahmundry too turned to a tense affair when the security personnel of the store clashed with the protesters. The police also used force to prevent the protesters from crossing the barricades. Over 50 protesters were arrested in Vijayawada. These stores remained closed during the period of protests.


Addressing the protestors in Hyderabad, B V Raghavulu dared the UPA government to put to vote in parliament the decision to allow FDI in retail. If the motion is defeated, the prime minister and his cabinet must resign. He also appealed to other parties to take a principled stand on the issue rather than saying one thing outside and voting differently in parliament. Raghavulu charged the Manmohan Singh government of totally surrendering our interests to US and that is the reason why it is taking decisions that are set to ruin the lives of millions of small shopkeepers, traders and farmers. He warned that FDI in retail will result in collapse of the already weakened public distribution system in the country. With freedom for firms like Walmart to source their material from any part of the world, our country’s manufacturing sector will suffer with dumping of outside goods, he said.


Underlining the Left parties consistent opposition to this anti-people measure, the CPI(M) leader called upon UPA and NDA parties to oppose this decision. He expressed apprehension that the ruling party may resort to buying of MPs like it had done during the parliament vote on India-US Nuclear Deal. The Left parties will intensify their agitation against this anti-people measure in the coming days.


The CPI(M) state committee later in a statement condemned the high handed behaviour of police during the protests in front of Walmart stores. It condemned the arrests and lathicharge made by the police in Guntur.




Awaaz, a secular organisation working among Muslims, held a protest at Indira Park in Hyderabad on November 19  condemning the brutal attack on Gaza by Israel. Holding posters that depicted the killing of minor children by Israeli bombs, the protestors raised the question who is the real terrorist.

Addressing the protestors CPI(M) Central Committee member M A Gafoor said that Israel is getting away with such blatant murder because of the backing of imperialist USA. He demanded that the UPA-2 government must openly condemn the attacks by Israel instead of trying to show it as a conflict between two parties. He called for spreading the truths about Israeli aggression and present Indian rulers’ increasing collaboration with that country among the masses.


CPI(M) state committee member M Venkateswarlu and Awaaz secretary Ghousuddin also spoke on the occasion. Later an effigy of Israeli government was burnt by the protestors.