People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 42

October 21, 2012




SFI Scores Victories in All Kerala Varsities


N S Sajith

AFTER its massive victories in the University of Calicut, Kannur University and the Sanskrit University at Kaladi, the Students Federation of India (SFI) registered emphatic wins in the students union elections in the colleges affiliated to the University of Kerala as well as Mahatama Gandhi University. Thus the SFI has won the union polls in all the universities and technical institutions of the state with huge margins. The victory in the Kerala University and M G University shows the indomitable strength of the organisation in North Kerala too. 


The jurisdiction of the Kerala University is spread over several districts of North Kerala, where the SFI has won in 38 out of 46 colleges.  It also bagged 46 university councillor posts out of 55. Moreover, in 12 colleges, the SFI had had a clean sweep. It also registered a regain of its strength in the Government Womenís College in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city, where the SFI had lost a few seats last year. Surprisingly, the same media which had gloated last year over the loss of a few seats by the SFI remained tight-lipped over this yearís victory. Apart from this college, the SFI regained its strength in three more colleges. 


In the Mahatma Gandhi University, as many as 72 affiliated colleges out of 88 were won by the SFI. Last year the SFI had lost the chairmanís post but has now won it with a massive margin of 1500 votes. Here too, the media displayed the same attitude as it did in case of the Kerala University. In Eranakulam, the Kerala Students Union (KSU) which is the Kerala unit of the pro-Congress National Students Union of India (NSUI), could win just a few college unions including the Sacred Heart College at Thevara. 


The results of the elections held in Kannur, Calicut, and Sanskrit Universities a few weeks ago also showed the invincible strength of the SFI. In Kannur the SFI won 34 college unions out of 40; it moreover won 20 colleges unopposed. As many as 40 SFI activists won the councillorsí post. In Calicut University the SFI won 58 colleges out of 87, while 76 councillor posts were also won by the SFI. In Sanskrit University, the SFI won in all the eight colleges, out of which it won four unopposed. 


It is clear that the students community in the state has rallied under the SFIís flag, giving short shrift to the vicious campaign against the Left. The media and the right wing forces intensified their campaign in particular after the death of T P Chandrasekharan and the recent developments in JNU.