People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 41

October 14, 2012

Huge Rally of GMP Pledges to Ensure

7th Left Front Govt in Tripura

Rahul Sinha


A RED sea of humanity flooded the city of Agartala on Sunday,  the October 7th, as the Tripura Rajya Upajati Ganamukti Parishad  (GMP) held its mammoth central rally pledging to ensure establishment of the 7th Left Front government in the ensuing assembly election in the state. The militant processions crowding the streets, the jubilant mood of the youth, the colour of flag, caps and T-shirts etc literally painted the city red. 


Addressing the huge gathering, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and chief minister of the state, Manik Sarkar, said that the Left Front government’s re-election is necessary in order to maintain the atmosphere of peace and development in the state, and in order to make Tripura a model state for the whole country. The victory in Tripura is a much needed one to counter the severe onslaught of the anti-people policies of the Congress-led UPA-II govt at the centre, he said.


The political campaign of the Left has already started in the state with the youth and women organisations holding impressive rallies in all the assembly segments. This massive rally organised by GMP was proof enough that the tribal population, which has been a strong support base for the Left in the state from the late 1940s, is firmly with the Red flag and shall leave no stone unturned to re-elect the Left Front in the coming elections.


The venue of the rally had to be shifted from the stable ground due to incessant rains during the last 2-3 days. The new place of public meeting in front of Rabindra Bhavan turned out to be too small to accommodate the massive gathering.


From the noon itself the  main streets of the city were crowded with the red waves of people descending on the city from the hills. The huge procession from the southern parts of the state was named as Comrades Bhim Debbarma, Suramani Koloi, Dhananjoy Tripura Brigade. The procession from the Sadar East and Teliamurra was named as Comrades Kalidas Debbarma, Sachindra Debbarma, Nilpurna Koloi Brigade while the rally from Khowai and Sadar North was named after Comrades Kumari Debbarma, Madhuti Debbarma and Rupasri Debbarma, the three women martyrs during the armed resistance of GMP in 1949. The whole city looked like a red sea as the slogan shouting rallyists marched through the streets of the city. The militant processions accompanied by full-throated slogans sent a clear message that the hills of Tripura were preparing for re-electing the Left Front. The message was loud and clear: No to the evil forces who want to capture power with the help of extremists.


Hundreds of vehicles from the southern sub divisions carrying thousands of people could not even enter Agartala because of a traffic jam following an accident at the outskirts of the city in which one person was killed.


Manik Sarkar in his speech said that the UPA government at the centre is unleashing incessant attacks on the people and cited the latest round of hike in petro prices, including diesel which affects the common man directly. On the other hand, public assets are being looted as corruption has reached unprecedented levels. He charged the government of serving the interests of the super rich, black-marketeers and tax evaders. He said the decision to allow 51 per cent FDI in retail sector will render crores of people jobless. The response to the nationwide protest on September 20 has shown the widespread people’s opposition to this move. But the centre is turning a deaf ear. It has further decided to allow FDI in pension and insurance. He said the anger of the people will also be reflected in the two-day nationwide strike called by the central TUs in February 2013. He felt that the people across the country are looking for an alternative government at the centre.


Ridiculing the Congress in Tripura for seeking a pariborton (change) here, Sarkar said its own ship is sinking. He underlined the need for the 7th Left Front government in the state not only for maintaining the aura of peace and development in the state but also to strengthen the struggle against the anti-people policies of the centre. He said many are predicting that the results of the 2013 election may be repeat of 1978 where Congress could not win a single seat in the state. “We believe it is in the hands of the people.” He appealed to the gathering to consolidate the strength, guard against any sort of conspiracies and raise the level of consciousness of the masses to ensure a huge victory for the Left Front in the ensuing election.


The huge rally was presided over by Narayan Rupini, president of GMP central committee. The rally was also addressed by CPI(M) central committee members, Aghor Debbarma and Bajuban Riyang; GMP general secretary Niranjan Debbarma and state rural development minister Jitendra Choudhury. CPI(M) state secretary Bijan Dhar and state Left Front convenor Khagen Das were present on the dais.