People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 40

October 07, 2012




‘Stop these Dramas;

Take Clear Cut Stand’


THE CPI(M) Andhra Pradesh state committee has asked the Congress party to put a full stop to the dramas it is enacting on the vexatious political issue of division of state. It also warned it not to play with the lives of people of the state by not adopting a clear cut stand on this important issue that has been plaguing the politics of the state for the last few years.


Addressing a media conference in Hyderabad on October 3 after the meeting of the CPI(M) state committee, Party secretary B V Raghavulu criticised the central government for totally abandoning its responsibility in resolving this issue. He asserted that if the proposed meeting of all political parties in the state on this issue fails to evolve consensus on this issue, then the centre must put this before parliament and allow it to take a decision. Queried about the CPI(M) stance if such a resolution is placed before parliament, Raghavulu said the Party will act as per its stated stand of keeping the state united.


The state witnessed another bout of tension surrounding the holding of a ‘Telangana March’ by the political Joint Action Committee in Hyderabad on September 30. With TRS president K Chandrashekar Rao camping in Delhi since three weeks for confabulations with Congress high command, the Congress sent confusing signals about its stand. Even as one set of leaders were holding discussions with TRS leader and selectively leaking out details, another set was negating the same. Raghavulu said this has been the pattern of Congress party on this issue so far. Creating hullabaloo about impending decision in a planned manner just before important requirements like presidential election, bye-elections or Telangana March and conveniently abandoning responsibility after achieving its ends. He faulted a section of media in aiding this gameplan of Congress. He advised the Congress to stop enacting these dramas and take a clear cut stand on this issue.


Referring to the Telugu Desam president’s 2320 km long padayatra, Raghavulu welcomed the move as it would allow the leader to know and learn about the problems of the people. He however said that it would have been better if Naidu had taken a clear cut stand on this important issue and announced before the people. He faulted TDP leader’s statement that he will reveal the stand of his party in the proposed all party meeting. In this context Raghavulu called upon TDP and YSR Congress party to immediately announce their stand on this issue.


The CPI(M) state committee has expressed its full support to the two day strike, on October 12 and 13, announced by trade unions against disinvestment in Vishakapatnam Steel Plant. The UPA-II government has decided to divest 10 per cent stake in VSP and all unions in the plant are strongly opposing this move. This plant was established after a prolonged people’s struggle in which over 32 persons laid down their lives. The agitation under the slogan ‘Vishaka Steel is Andhras Right’ still reverberates among the people. The government is selling 10 per cent to private players for just Rs 2500 crores while the market value of VSP is over Rs 1,00,000 crore, The CPI(M) has demanded that the state government must bring pressure on the centre to stop this disinvestment move.


The state committee also demanded from the state government immediate cancellation of licences granted for bauxite mining in Vishakapatnam district as it would ruin the lives of tribals and also adversely affect environment. Raghavulu cited the letters written by union tribal affairs minister Kishore Chandra Deo to state governor and chief minister seeking cancellation of these licences. He said the union minister must also bring pressure through prime minister for cancellation of these licences.


The state government has illegally allotted/regularised land worth over Rs 2000 crore in Hyderabad to influential persons. Out of the 19,727 applications of poor people for regularisation of land, the government rejected 17,508 applications. The CPI(M) demanded cancellation of illegal allotments/regularisation made to the rich persons. It also demanded regularisation of lands of poor, that too without any registration costs.

The state committee also decided to hold joint conventions with other Left parties against the decision of state government to collect fuel surcharge adjustment fee from electricity consumers.