People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 37

September 16, 2012



Ganashakti Condems False Campaign


The following is the press statement issued by Naryan Dutta, Editor, Ganashakti on September 11.


Police has detained some persons on September 10 in connection with attack on a woman in Durgapur on September 9 midnight.  The arrested persons are casual workers of a press in Durgapur, working as binders. In that press, several dailies including Ganashakti, Sakalbela, Ekdin, Prabhat Barta and some local newspapers are printed.


Ganashakti started it Durgapur edition in 2004. From the very beginning Ganashakti’s printing is done in Darpan Publications, a privately owned press. This press also prints several newspapers in their Siliguri and Kolkata facilities. Ganashakti has no printing facility of its own in Durgapur.


Many other newspapers are also printed in this press in Durgapur. Some casual workers under contract do the work of binding of the printed newspapers. These workers do the binding of other newspapers apart from Ganashakti. None of them are employees of Ganashakti or any other newspaper. Ganashakti has no direct relation with them. Police has arrested some of these contractual casual workers.


Ganashakti, like all well meaning people, wants that the culprits in Durgapur incident should be punished and police should take legal steps.  It  strongly condemns ill-conceived and false campaign against Ganashakti, initiated by Trinamool Congress concerning the incident.