People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 35

September 02, 2012





Rallies Planned against

Imperialism on September 1


1ST September, 1939 was the day when fascist Germany led by Adolph Hitler invaded Poland to start the world's deadliest war till date against humanity. Since then the destruction of life and property continued for five long years - throwing the entire world into war and anarchy. To remind ourselves of the futility and destruction of war, people of the world have been observing 1st September as the World Peace and Anti War Day. West Bengal has a long tradition of observing the World Peace Day. This year is going to be no exception. The Left Front Committee of West Bengal has convened a rally in Kolkata and Siliguri to observe this day.


The non-aligned foreign policy of our country has seemed to be derailed. India has voted for US proposal of strengthening sanctions on Syria in Security Council when even Pakistan dared to abstain. Before that India supported US-British proposal against Iran in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  India-US military understanding has also been in progress. Despite protests from different corners of the country, the government went ahead with Defense deal, joint army exercises, assistance in military operations etc. India has also endorsed CTBT and civil nuclear treaty. Imperialism now has a direct impact on the life of every Indian citizen and the UPA government in pushing the country to be a junior partner and collaborator of US imperialism. The recent WikiLeaks exposes have also thrown light on how the Indian government has bent to the whims of US imperialism. The pipeline issue with Tehran went under wraps after indirect intervention from US.


The military aspirations of imperialism have been on violent display during recent period. Unresisted, the imperialism would bring the humanity to the verge of destruction once again. There is therefore urgent need to bolster up the flag of humanity and raise our voice in favor of peace and against war. The World Peace and Anti War Day, therefore, is still relevant, stressed the Left Front leaders.


The Left Frontís demands on World Peace and Anti War Day:

       No war but restoration of peace. Imperialism be demolished. US imperialism go back.

       Raise voice against imperialist aggression in several countries

       US -Israel must go back from Palestine

       US imperialism must go back from the Arab world

       US interference in South Asia has to be stopped

       US warships must be removed from the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal

       UPA government has to answer for their soft stand against blatant US pressure

       Foil imperialist conspiracies against India. Stop US interference in India

       Resist compromise of sovereignty to the imperialism

       Set aside Indiaís pro-imperialism foreign policy

       Unite against domination of imperialism in Asia Pacific region

       Set aside the civil nuclear treaty with US

       Gas supply treaty with Iran should not be amended due to US pressure

       Stop US interference in Syria

       Israel has to do away with the illegal capture of Palestine

       Stop US-Israel barbaric activities on Arab people

       India has to stand by Iran against US- Israel conspiracy