People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 30

July 29, 2012

‘Indian Fisherman’s Killing Was Premeditated’


THROUGH a press statement on July 18, the All India Fishers and Fisheries Workers’ Federation has strongly condemned the premeditated killing of an Indian fisherman by a US naval ship in the Persian Gulf, within the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates. Three more fishermen were grievously injured in this reprehensible act. The fisherman who was killed and those injured were from Tamilnadu and working for a UAE company.


The federation said this killing, which took place only a few months after two fishermen from Kerala were killed by naval personnel of an Italian ship off the coast of Kerala, indicates the dangers to which the fishermen are exposed to.


The federation also pointed out that instead of strongly condemning the killing, the Indian government, which has military collaboration with the United States, had just termed the incident as “unfortunate.” It is also to be noted that the Indian navy is also engaged in joint naval exercises with the same US navy, the statement added.


This cold blooded killing of fishermen is a reflection of increasing tensions in the Gulf region amidst expanding US military presence around Iran.


The federation’s statement, issued by its general secretary K Hemalata, said that instead of being satisfied with the pronouncements of ‘regrets’ by the US, the Indian government should take necessary measures to ensure that the US naval personnel responsible for this murder were arrested and punished.