People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 28

July 15, 2012



SFI Scores Record Victory


THE Students Federation of India (SFI) has registered a landslide victory in the Calicut University Students Union elections, breaking all the previous records of victory. The elections to the Calicut University Students Union were held on July 7, 2012, and the candidates of the SFI have won on all the five central posts.


It is to be noted that M Sameesh, P Anoop, Ansan C Joy, Athira V and Lakshmi V were elected to the general secretary, chairman, vice chairman, lady vice chairman and joint secretary respectively.


The Central Executive Committee of the SFI has congratulated the students of the Calicut University and all members of the Kerala state unit of SFI for registering such an emphatic victory while braving and overcoming all sorts of malicious campaigns. It is known that in connection with the unfortunate and heinous murder of T P Chandrasekharan, these campaigns were unleashed, among others, by the Kerala Students Union and Muslim Students Federation with the help of the right wing and corporate media.


Through a statement issued by its president P K Biju and general secretary Ritabrata Banerjee from New Delhi on July 9, the SFI CEC said this enormous victory is a tremendous source of inspiration for the entire democratic and progressive student movement in the country. It further said the valiant SFI comrades of Kerala would continue to inspire all struggles fought against oppression, repression, dominance and vulgar campaigns. The entire rank and file of SFI is proud at this great victory.