People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 27

July 08, 2012





Terrorists-Congress Nexus Yet Again Exposed


Haripada Das


A HEINOUS game plan for destabilising the state on the eve of the next assembly elections slated in February 2013, through a series of bomb blasts in crowded places of town areas has came to light. It could not yet be ascertained whether the attack could be averted, because, a section of opposition leaders, belonging to both the Congress and their electoral ally the INPT, who feel uncomfortable at the present peaceful amicable atmosphere prevalent in the state, are directly acting behind this dreadful plan. It is also revealed that the dwindled forces of the NLFT who are seriously running short of funds and man power are being restructured with a view to utilising them against the Left Front in the next assembly elections.


On June 16, acting on a tip off, the police caught hold of a Maruti Van (No. TR01-AA/0546) with three persons near Jirania, West Tripura, after a long chase. They were Dhanu Kalai, a surrendered NLFT extremist, his sister Rathashree Kalai and driver of the vehicle Bishu Kalai, all hailing from Taidu, Amarpur, South Tripura. The booties recovered from their possession were: Rupees 25 lakhs (in Indian Currency), a letter pad under the caption “Government of Twipra” generally used by the NLFT and a pen-drive. Next day, they were produced in the court which ordered for their interrogation. Dhanu Kalai was staying in a government quarter allotted to him at Kumari Tilla, Agartala. The police searched the room and seized NLFT letter pad, Bangladeshi currency, some correspondence on the letterhead of the NLFT, few small diaries and some compact disks.


Dhanu Kalai, though initially did not speak, later started divulging some secret information including some NLFT links operating inside the state. By this time, considering the gravity of the case and the requirement of a wider investigation, the government handed over the case to the CID.  


On the basis of the deliberations of Dhanu Kalai, the police brought to book two other NLFT linkmen, one Ashiatu Mog from Julia Mog Para of Natunbazar, Gomti district and Pradip Kalai, (alias Dolphin) from a government quarter at Malanch Niwas, Agartala. On searching the room of Pradip Kalai, police recovered an international passport and a laptop. Pradip Kalai reportedly uses no less than 12 mail IDs, of which police so far could open only one ID which is full of codified messages. The experts are trying to decode the messages and open up the other IDs.




Dhanu Kalai disclosed that the funds were being carried to the NLFT Headquarters in Bangladesh on the instruction of Biswamohan Debbarma, chief of the NLFT. This was the fifth instalment. Earlier funds were sent four times. The entire fund was paid by one ‘Coastal Company’ which is constructing barbed wire fencing along the Indo-Bangladesh border in the eastern part of the state. Dhanu Kalai further disclosed that one Pradip Kalai of Agartala is the mastermind in collecting funds for the NLFT with which he maintains close links via internet. Dhanu Kalai divulged an even more surprising fact that, Pradip Kalai in collaboration with Debabrata Kalai, ST cell convener of the state Congress party and one INPT leader of Mandai, West Tripura, recruited 21 tribal youth and sent them to Bangladesh for undertaking arms training.


The confession made by Dhanu Kalai reveals that the NLFT had a deal with ‘Coastal Company’ to pay a total of Rs 1.17 crore. Out of this amount, the first installment of Rs 20 lakh, was paid by one B P Ravi to him in the presence of Debabrata Kalai, leader of the Congress ST cell at MLA hostel No.1 which is exclusively allotted to the opposition members. The Congress leader also kept apart Rupees Ten thousand from this fund as his own commission. The amount was sent to the NLFT headquarters via Ashiato Mog inside the state and Parimal Debbarma on the other side. The second instalment of Rupees 22 lakhs was paid in front of the Traffic Bhavan, Agartala. This amount was sent to Bangladesh in two phases. The third instalment amounting to Rupees 25 lakhs also was paid in front of Traffic Bhavan, Agartala. Dhanu personally gained Rupees Ten thousand from this amount. Another instalment of Rupees 25 lakhs was sent to Bangladesh through Ankhijoy Mog. Nobody got any commission from this amount. The fifth and last instalment was caught red handed by the police on June 16. Regarding the payment of this last installment, Dhanu informed that on June 15, near the bridge at Stable Ground, B P Ravi of ‘Coastal Company’ came in a red Maruti car (TR-01 AB/0744) and handed over Rs 25 lakhs to him in a laptop bag which was seized by the police.    


As per the version of Dhanu Kalai, about two months back, Parimal Debbarma, the self-styled warrant officer of the NLFT sent him Rupees 60,000 through Ankhijoy Mog for purchasing a motor bike. He purchased a second hand Splendor motor bike which was kept at the house of Mohan Kalai of Kaprai. Besides, Biswamohan sent him fake Indian currency of Rupees 10 lakhs via Parimal Debbarma. Dhanu Kalai spread these notes at 10 per cent commission in tribal areas.  While marketing this currency, Buddhijoy Tripura and Charanjoy Tripura of Gandachhara were arrested by the police. Buddhijoy later escaped from the police custody and met him. Dhanu recruited Buddhijoy into NLFT and sent him to Bangladesh.


Being instructed by Parimal Debbarma, the self-styled warrant officer of the NLFT, Dhanu informed in February this year, that he crossed over to Bangladesh via Ailmara of Shilachhari under Subroom sub-division, South Tripura. From Amlong Para, he was carried to Khagrachhari by motor bike. At Khagrachhari, he talked with Biswamohan Debbarma, chief of the NLFT over telephone. Biswamohan asked him to the go to their headquarters. From there, he was moved to a five-storied hired building at Chittagong, which was said to be their safe place. Next day, they visited Pandit Debbarma (alias Panther) and Upendra Debbarma, both top leaders of the NLFT.   He had a four-hour long meeting with the top brass of the NLFT there. This was corroborated with the confession of Pradip Kalai who was also one of the participants of that meeting. In that meeting, Dhanu mooted a proposal of surrendering five top leaders as a tactical move. The leaders proposed for surrender were Suran Debbarma, Atharababu Halam, self-styled lieutenant Shambhumani Kalai (alias Chakfak), Sergeant-Major Chhatrabhanga Jamatia and Mangal Debbarma (alias Kachekache). To gain confidence of the police, they would surrender with some sophisticated arms. After surrender, they would make a fresh contact with the NLFT cadres surrendered earlier and establish a well-managed coordination for new recruitment and collection of funds. This proposal was accepted by all. A decision was also taken that Lebang Debbarma, who was in Bangladesh Jail, would surrender immediately after his release.




According to the confession of Dhanu Kalai, the NLFT is passing through a troubled phase in the absence of Utpal Debbarma who is now in Agartala Central jail. Biswamohan, the NLFT chief has been trying his best to get him released. Upendra Debbarma in that meeting attributed Utpal Debbarma as one of the ‘brilliant officers’. On his release, he would be deployed in town areas to recruit urban educated boys.


Biswamohan, the chief of NLFT informed Dhanu, as the confession says, that the struggle for independent Tripura will continue for the next 18 to 20 years. But their funds got almost exhausted. ULFA has offered to sell 300 AK rifles to the NLFT. They already purchased 200 AK rifles from the ATTF and those are dumped underground at a jungle of Satchhari. Due to the regular movement of BGB (Border Guard of Bangladesh) those arms are out of their reach at present. Manipur based four extremist outfits offered loan to the extent of Rs 25 crores to the NLFT to purchase ULFA’s arms on the condition that the NLFT must refund the amount within the next five years and they must provide some educated youths in the rank of ‘officer’ who must be ready to participate in joint action with these outfits.




NLFT is gradually shifting their headquarters from Bangladesh to Myanmar because the Bangladesh government is no more cooperating with them as earlier. Nor is Bangladesh safe for imparting arms training to their cadets. Tripura has 856 km border with Bangladesh. A long portion of this border particularly in the eastern side of the state still remains porous because barbed wire fencing could not be completed there. On the other hand, Myanmar has a very short border with Mizoram and it has no touch with Tripura. In spite of that, it is conspicuous that the NLFT feels Myanmar is better than Bangladesh for setting up their bases.  




Biswamohan assigned Dhanu to collect some youths to execute mass killings through a series of bomb blasts, prior to Puja festival days. This is to air a message that the NLFT is not eliminated, rather it still exists with its full fire-power. According to the plan, Parimal Debbarma and Dhanu Kalai brought TNT explosives including some detonators from its headquarters. TNT is known to be a high quality explosive. They put these materials at Ashlongpara camp inside Bangladesh, just opposite to Shilachhari of the Indian side. Biswamohan instructed Dhanu to find out a safe rented house at Krishnanagar or Abhoynagar of Agartala town to store the explosives. But Dhanu did not find any secured house so far. He also sought help from two other surrendered NLFT boys. Dhanu had contact with three ATTF surrendered persons who are known to be experts on explosives, for carrying out the plan.       


At one point of interrogation, Dhanu expressed to make a judicial confession on June 27. But when produced before the Magistrate, he refused to make any such confession.




Expressing grave concern of the CPI(M) Tripura state committee that met on June 23-24,  Party state secretary Bijan Dhar and state secretariat member Gautam Das in a press conference said, it is unimaginable that a Congress tribal leader and another leader of the INPT which is an electoral ally of the former, are part of the anti-national heinous conspiracy in league with a section of surrendered extremists, only for a narrow political gain in the elections. It is any body’s guess, Bijan Dhar asserted that the Congress party, eyeing on the next assembly elections in early 2013, is trying to stimulate the anti-national terrorist outfits that are by this time suffering alienation and erosion due to the coordinated pressure by the peace-loving people of the state and the government. The CPI(M) leaders said it is even more conspicuous that a few days back, the Congress leaders alleged CPI(M) of having links with extremist outfits citing the official visit of a state minister to Bangladesh. Now it is evident that they shrewdly allege their opponents of what ever wrong they themselves commit. The state committee strongly demanded appropriate action against those who are referred to in the confession of the arrested extremist Dhanu Kalai.


Pointing to the stiff opposition of the Congress against the felicitation of the state chief minister by Bangladesh during their Mukti Yuddha Utsab,  Bijan Dhar said, now it is crystal clear, why they feel burnt on strengthening of Indo-Bangladesh friendship; why they showed black flags to the chief minister on his way to Dhaka to receive the honour.  It is the Bangladesh government that arrested a good number of Indian terrorist leaders and busted many of the extremist hideouts in their territory and kept them on their heels. Thus the NLFT chief opted to shift their headquarters from Bangladesh to Myanmar.


Anticipating patronisation of the Mizoram chief minister Lalthanhawala, Bijan Dhar raised question, without any abetment from the Mizoram government, how does NLFT prefer shifting of their Headquarter from Bangladesh to Myanmar which has no border with Tripura, but with Mizoram. The soil of the neighbouring state like Mizoram in no circumstances should be allowed to be utilised by the secessionist forces, Bijan Dhar asserted and urged the central government to instruct the Mizoram government to act upon.  It is Lanthanhawala, Bijan Dhar reminded, who mediated between Rajiv Gandhi and Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl in 1987 conveying the message of the former to carry on mass killing in favour of the Congress when the later proposed to surrender. The horrendous incidents of butchering and charring  of 93 people by TNV extremists within three days prior to poll day in the 1988 assembly elections is a still vivid and shivering experience of the people of the state. The Congress party in Tripura is trying to re-play the digging of a graveyard for democracy again after 25 years. Bijan Dhar urged upon those youths who are leading a normal life coming back from the wrong path of extremism, not to fall prey to the allurement and instigation from the anti-national elements and called upon the people to keep their vigil against any attempt of sabotages for the interest of rapid progress of the state under the Left Front government.