People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 22

June 03, 2012

Huge Rally in

Martyrs’ Dewandighi


ON 22nd February, Dewandighi, an area adjacent to Burdwan town, witnessed the brutal murder of two CPI(M) district committee members, Comrade Pradip Tah and Comrade Kamal Gayen in broad daylight. That day, Trinamool Congress hoodlums attacked a CPI(M) rally that was campaigning for the success of February 28 strike. Both the popular leaders were murdered as cruelly as possible so as to instill a sense of terror among the people. The state government did not even condemn the brutal attack. The initial police inquiry was a complete eyewash and the case was handed over to state CID after the Kolkata High Court severely criticised the inaction of the police. Even the CID probe is being distorted to let off some of the accused criminals. Dewandighi watched a reign of terror even after this horrible incident.


On 28th May, Dewandighi awakened in a strong determined protest when thousands of people participated in a rally, called by the CPI(M). Defying scorching heat, streams of people, mainly from the villages around Dewandighi and Burdwan town, converged in the ground near Vidyasagar  school . The ground became too small to accommodate all of them and hundreds were forced to listen to speeches standing at Burdwan-Katwa road and nearby rail track area.


“This is the lesson of history. One cannot make the Red flag bow down with terror”, said Suryakanta Misra, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and main speaker in the public meeting. There were open threats and intimidation in villages even before this rally to thwart people from participating. Referring to this, Misra said that the people are awakening against the brazen attacks on democracy and livelihood. The ruling party will not be able to suppress them much longer.


Misra said, ‘We will protest against the attacks on people. Left will not remain silent in the face of terror. The TMC government is trying to pull the state down to 1970s, destroying whatever gains were made during the Left Front period. Democratic rights are under attack in the state. Our experience is that the Left has  become the first target of attack which would gradually spread to other sections of people.’


Deputy leader of opposition and RSP leader Subhash Naskar and CPI(M) district secretary Amal Halder were the other speakers. Veteran CPI(M) leader Benoy Konar was also present in the meeting.

(From our Special Correspondent)