People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 22

June 03, 2012




UDF Govt and Corporate Media

Combine to Target CPI(M)

N S Sajith


FOR the last three weeks, the print and visual media in Kerala have been on a special ‘news’ mission. They have deputed ‘special’ journalists for coverage. Newspapers are devoting special pages and channels have special slots everyday apart from the lead stories for coverage of this ‘news’. Do not get confused that the media in Kerala has become sensitive on price rise issue or the recent petrol price hike or corruption or the resurgent farmer suicides in the state. You would be mistaken if you assume that this special coverage relates to the recent CAG report on Coal Gate, which leaves far behind the Rs 1.75 lakh 2G spectrum scam. These issues are not at all bothering them. For the mainstream media in Kerala, the tragic killing of former CPI(M) leader T P Chandrasekharan is foremost in their agenda now. They are using this unfortunate incident to wage an all-out attack on CPI(M) and the Left movement in the state. It is conducting a parallel ‘investigation and trial’ in order to incite public opinion against the Party.


Though the CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat and Kerala state secretary Pinaryi Vijayan have already emphatically stated that it is not the policy of the CPI(M) to physically eliminate those who have disagreements with it. Vijayan has asserted that the Party has not endeavoured to murder anyone who had left the Party for political-organisational reasons. But the media is bent on taking an active ‘combing operation’ role to paint the CPI(M) workers as ‘accused’ in this case and consequently drive the public conscience against the Party. The police officers, who are notorious for their allegiance to the ruling Congress party, are continuously leaking ‘stories’ about their interrogation of the arrested CPI(M) workers and the media is publishing  the same as ‘confessional statements’.


The pattern is like this. First stories are planted in the media about persons who are connected to CPI(M) as having a hand in the killing. This is to create an ambience for the police actions which invariably follow in the form of arrests and torture of those arrested. So far a series of such arrests have been made. Even third degree torture methods were used by the police on the arrested CPI(M) leaders. CPI(M) Onchiyam area secretary and Non Gazetted Officers Association’s former general secretary C H Asokan and various area committee members are presently under police custody. This was made known by the arrested persons to CPI(M) state secretariat member and former industries minister Elamaram Kareem and CPI(M) MLA K K Lathika when they visited the sub jail in Vadakara.


Kareem said that the torture was similar to that of the victims of Emergency in the 1970s. “Padayamkandi Raveendran, a member of CPI(M) Onchiyam area committee showed us his bruised body. His ears and face were discolored and his fingers were battered due to the torture of the police,” said Kareem. They were even denied medicines. The brutal torture was made by the members of special investigation team to get the confessional statements to augment the script made by the political bosses. Raveendran had also revealed to the CPI(M) leaders that the story cooked up by the police and media about him is utterly malicious. On the day of Raveendran’s arrest, the media flashed that he had pointed out Chandrasekharan to the criminals who killed the latter. Raveendran had informed that he has not given any statement to this effect to the police, Kareem added.


In the meanwhile, C H Asokan, former general secretary of Non Gazetted Officers Association, the largest organisation of government employees in Kerala, has submitted bail application in the state High Court. Asokan, who was in judicial custody for a few days, submitted to the court that an industrialist who wanted to establish a water bottling plant in Vadakara is behind the murder of Chandrasekharan. A strike against the plant led by Chandrasekharan had resulted in personal vendetta. The industrialist has close contacts with the Congress leaders in the state. The arrest of CPI(M) workers is part of a malicious attempt to tarnish the image of CPI(M) in this area, he stated.



Accompanying the media witch hunt and police atrocities, there have been many physical attacks on the houses of the CPI(M) workers and Party offices in Onchiyam area. Miscreants from Congress, Muslim League along with Revolutionary Marxist Party workers have unleashed attacks on the CPI(M) workers with police remaining as mere spectators.


CPI(M) Kozhikode district committee organised a massive protest against the sinister attempt to implicate CPI(M) and against the attacks. A huge demonstration was held in front of the Superintendent of Police’s office in Vadakara, where the brutal torture of CPI(M) leaders is happening. Thousands of Party workers participated in the action.


The district committee has also decided to file a writ in the state High Court against the parallel media trial which is nothing but contempt of court. Party district secretary T P Ramkrishnan will file the writ citing the bogus reports on interrogation and leaking of news by the police. According to a verdict of High Court dated December 22, 2010, making news reports out of confessional statements would amount to contempt of court. The police should confine to submit the details of interrogation only in the court. Leaking of the details is punishable according the verdict.

Even recently, on March 18, 2012, Congress goons brutally murdered 23 year old Aneesh Rajan who was vice president of SFI Idukki district committee. He was killed in Nedungandam, his native place. The Congress workers had unleashed vandalism and attacks against Tamil minority workers during the controversy over Mullaperiyar dam issue. The Tamil workers are activists of the CITU. Several women workers were targeted. Aneesh Rajan was on his way to tea estates to see the workers. The local Congress leaders pounced on him and brutally killed. Neither the police nor the ‘vigilant’ media have shown any interest to book the Congress leaders who perpetrated the dastardly crime.