People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 20

May 20, 2012

Basudeb Acharia


IN Lok Sabha, CPI(M) group leader Basudeb Acharia said that while we are observing the 60th year of our parliament, we should remember those who laid down their lives and went to the gallows. The sacrifices of the heroes of our freedom struggle won us independence and we adopted the parliamentary democratic system of governance. We will have to seriously think whether the problems of inequality, discrimination, poverty, exploitation, etc have increased or decreased, and whether the intent of the founding fathers of the constitution has been implemented in letter and spirit, in this 60 years period. We see that the poverty has not reduced; happiness has not come to the people. The gap between the rich and the poor has increased. Lakhs and lakhs of people are still born under the sky and die under the sky. We have not been able to provide shelter to 100 per cent of our population. We cannot even provide safe drinking water to the poor. We must seriously think of the tribals and dalits whose conditions have not improved. If a farmer commits suicide after 64 years of independence, we will have to seriously think over it. Another major problem which is corroding our parliamentary democracy is the use of money power in elections. If voters and votes are purchased, what will happen to the parliamentary democracy? There is a need for electoral reforms. Unless there is state funding of elections, we will not be able to curb the use of money power. Something has to be done to cleanse the system and protect it from corrosion. We should seriously ponder over it. The problems of discrimination, exploitation, pauperisation of the people, starvation and illiteracy still exist in this country, and we cannot enjoy the successes and achievements of our parliamentary democracy unless we remove these ills.


The sitting extended till the evening. Both the houses adjourned after passing a resolution to uphold the dignity and supremacy of parliament.


Message from the Lebanese Communist Party


WE are writing to you to extend the congratulations and salutations to you on the eve of holding the 20th congress of your party, due to be held in April 2012.


The global economic crisis continues to unfold worldwide, taking its tolls as usual on the poorest and weakest within our societies. Unfortunately, in some countries, this is happening against the background of Leftist and Marxist forces still recovering from the collapse of the Soviet Union and the ideological setbacks during the last decade of the last century.  This is why we are extremely supportive and heartened to know that you will be discussing a combination of ideological issues and tactical measures during the coming period.


Strengthening the Left and democratic forces is an urgent task facing the communists worldwide, especially at this time when we are witnessing yet another attempt by capitalism to escape its crisis by causing further wars and tensions on a global level.


We therefore wish you success in your efforts and endeavours and hope that your party will succeed in overcoming its electoral setbacks in order to effectively and forcefully stand up for the poor and the weak in your society.


--- On behalf the Political Bureau of Lebanese Communist Party, Khaled Hadadah, general secretary, and Marie Nassif-Debs, vice general secretary


Message from the Palestinian People’s Party


ON behalf of the leadership and the members of the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), we would like to convey to you and through you to all the members of your party --- the Communist Party of India (Marxist), CPI(M) --- and to the Indian people our best wishes and all success to the 20th congress of your party.  


Your congress is taking place at a very crucial moment where the global general economic crisis, threats of wars, especially in the Middle East and other regions, are putting new challenges in front of the Left and progressive forces in the world.


We are sure that you will discuss these challenges with high responsibility, and take decisions which will help in the common struggle for a better future.


We also hope that your congress will give special attention to the Palestinian issue by re-emphasising your solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom, establishing an independent state within the 1967 boarders with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the solution of the refugee problem according to the decisions of the UN, mainly the Resolution 194.


We are looking forward to strengthening the fraternal relations between our two parties and peoples, and wish you all the success.


--- Central Committee, Palestinian People’s Party   


Message from the Philippine Communist Party

THE Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) sends warmest fraternal greetings to the CPI(M)’s 20th congress which will be held in Kozhikode, Kerala state, on April 4 to 9, 2012.


We hail the valiant struggles of the CPI(M) in advancing the socialist alternative in India, and in propagating Marxism-Leninism, amidst the severe economic hardships of the Indian toiling masses as a result of the systemic crisis of the global capitalist system.


In the light of the new strategic relations between the US and Indian regimes, which involve nuclear cooperation, regular visits of US military forces, and joint measures for the “containment” of the People’s Republic of China, we are sure that the anti-imperialist thrust of the CPI(M)’s 20th congress will be sharpened.


We are confident also that the CPI(M)’s 20th congress will chart an effective course towards the greater unity and strengthening of the Left and democratic forces in India in the face of attacks by the forces of religious fundamentalism, communalism and Maoist terrorism on all advocates of Marxism-Leninism in India. We also hope that the CPI(M)’s efforts toward the forging of the unity of Left and democratic forces in India would also extend to the eventual unity of all Indian communists loyal to Marxism-Leninism and adhering to a common form or path of struggle.


We wish every success to the 20th congress of the CPI(M), and more strength to the CPI(M)’s continued struggles for peace and socialism, against imperialism and local reaction.


Long live Marxism-Leninism!


With communist greetings,


--- Antonio E Paris, general secretary



Message of Greetings from the Portuguese Communist Party


ON behalf of the Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party and of all Portuguese communists, we convey warm greetings to the 20th congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). May your congress contribute to strengthening your party and the communists' influence among the Indian workers and popular masses.


The world situation continues to be marked by the deepest crisis of the capitalist system in many decades. The profound change in the world balance of forces that was brought about by the counter-revolutionary victories of twenty years ago in Europe represented, for millions of workers and for the peoples of vast regions of our planet, a brutal deterioration in their living standards and an intensification of their exploitation and oppression. War and military aggression became the norm in international relations. From the Gulf to Yugoslavia, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Lebanon to Gaza, from Libya to Syria, imperialism confirms itself as inseparable from aggression and war. But these two decades have also confirmed that the capitalist system is not merely aggressive and exploitative by nature but also corroded by profound contradictions and incapable of avoiding devastating explosions of crisis. After numerous episodes of sectoral or regional crises, the crisis of the system struck, in 2007, at the heart of imperialism. The extraordinary efforts that have been made to transfer the debts and losses of big finance capitalism to the public purse, whilst leaving their profits and power unscathed, merely confirm the class nature of the system. But they have not been capable of overcoming the crisis, nor its root-causes. Further expressions and developments of the crisis are to be expected.


In the European Union, which increasingly confirms its nature as an imperialist bloc, big capital has taken advantage of the crisis to unleash a brutal class offensive, of historical significance and scope. What is at stake is an attempt to destroy the major social achievements which the European workers and peoples had won during the 20th century, as a result of decades of struggle and of the decisive effects of the socialist, popular and national liberation revolutions. This offensive is stepping up the class conflict on the European continent to unprecedented levels since World War II. The outcome of this confrontation, in which the danger of authoritarian and even fascist solutions are obvious, will be of great importance for the correlation of forces world-wide.


Our people are today being confronted with the full brutality of this offensive, in terms of wages, pensions, working hours, the most elementary labour and social rights, the right to a job and to social security. Using debt as the pretext --- debt which is the outcome of 37 years of right-wing policies, of a process of European integration at the service of big capital, and of the creation of the Euro --- the foreign Troika (the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) and the domestic Troika at their service (the Socialist Party, the Social Democratic Party and the Social Democratic  Centre/Popular Party) have imposed a true Pact of Aggression against our people and our country. This pact --- which imposes a brutal hike in the country's debt itself --- seeks to save the financial system, safeguard the profits of big capital and impose an ever more centralized control, with colonial-style traits, by the EU's command centres upon the countries and peoples of Europe. It will worsen all of the country's and the people's problems and is already bringing about a recessionary spiral of major proportions. Our party is profoundly committed to the struggle against this offensive, committed to strengthening the unity of the working class and the people, in the resistance and struggle for an alternative, patriotic and left-wing policy, in our country. The Portuguese workers' resistance and struggle, in which their class trade union centre, CGTP-IN, has played a frontline role, has known high points, such as the general strikes of November 24 and March 22 and the big national demonstration of February 11.


The struggle will continue and intensify, because only through the struggle will it be possible to change the balance of forces and follow the path for an alternative patriotic and Left policy, thus strengthening the struggle of the Portuguese communists for an advanced democracy that, claiming and stressing the achievements, values and ideals of the April revolution, is the current stage of the struggle for socialism, goal and project that the Portuguese Communist Party embraces since its foundation, 91 years ago.


The times in which we live are times of great dangers. The crisis of the old imperialist powers coincides with the re-emergence of economic powers such as China, India or Russia. This realignment of forces, on an economic level, in a world under imperialist hegemony and where the military power of US imperialism continues to be overwhelming, is the source of growing conflicts.


Together with the incapacity to solve capitalism's systemic crisis, it represents a source of enhanced inter-imperialist contradictions and a serious threat to world peace. History shows how real are the dangers that capitalism in agony may seek to solve its problems through a large-scale military adventure. The current threats against Iran and Syria cannot be minimised.


Our times demand stronger communist parties, more profoundly linked to the masses, with greater influence and activity. They demand stronger cooperation between communist parties --- of which the international meetings of communist and workers' parties are an expression --- and between communist parties and other revolutionary, progressive, anti-imperialist and peace-loving forces. The times are not just fraught with enormous dangers; they are also times of real potential and possibility of advances, even revolutionary advances, in the struggle of the peoples.


It is with this spirit that our party is preparing its 19th congress that will be held at the end of this year. It is with this spirit that we renew our wishes of success for the 20th congress of the CPI(M).


Your successes are the successes of all workers and peoples of the world.


Long live the 20th congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)!

Long live the friendship and cooperation between the CPI(M) and the PCP!

--- Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party


Message from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation


THE Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) would like to extend a very cordial welcome to you, the delegates of the 20th congress of the CPI(M), and to all the members and supporters of the CPI(M).


Your party has been and continues to be a vanguard in the struggle of the working class, peasantry, intelligentsia and all the working people for justice and real democracy. We are very well acquainted with the role your party has been playing in the quest for unity of all the Left forces.


In the conditions of the global economic crisis the unity of all the Left forces is a sure guarantee for the success of those ideals and aims that you have before you.


Now you have before you not only the task of taking stock of the work done during the preceding years, but also that of defining the tactics and strategy of struggle to be followed in the coming period. We are confident that the decisions that would be taken by you during the congress would contribute immensely to the organisational and ideological consolidation of the party and to the enhancement of its authority and influence in Indian society.


The bonds of friendship brotherly solidarity have been existing between our parties for a very long time. We are inclined to develop the ties of friendship and cooperation between our counties and people in all possible ways in future as well.


May we extend all the good wishes for the success of 20th congress of your party in its work.


Long live the solidarity among the communists of the whole world!


With brotherly regards,


--- G A Zyuganov, Chairman, Central Committee, Communist Party of the Russian Federation  


Message from the Russian Communist Workers Party – Revolutionary Party of Communists


WE congratulate you heartily on yet another important date in the history of your party – the 20th congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).


We express our brotherly solidarity with your struggle and wish that the communists of India, in the course of this congress, should take correct Marxist decisions about their tactics in the present difficult conditions. The present crisis of capitalism has once again proved the correctness of the Marxist teaching that clearly shows the basic internal antagonisms of the capitalist system, with these antagonisms inevitably leading to recurrent crises that are resolved by way of increased exploitation of the working people. It is exactly the Marxist approach that makes us search for the ways of overcoming the antagonisms by way of development of the working people’s struggle for an overthrow of the system of exploitation and for construction of the socialist order, rather than by an improvement of the model of capitalism that is characteristic of various opportunist and revisionist distorters of Marxism.


It is symbolic that this revolutionary Marxist approach could be seen in your party’s name and that is the best reference for us; on the other hand, this fact imposes upon you special obligations regarding the working people of India. We do believe that the Communist Party of India (Marxist) shall justify the trust of the working people and shall remain true to its vanguard role in organising the struggle of the masses.


We shall be glad to further strengthen the friendly relations between our parties. We believe that we share common views on the necessity of a revolutionary struggle against imperialism and for a socialist alternative.


Let’s move on together along our common communist way.


We wish you good luck in your struggle!


We shall not falter on the chosen way!


--- Central Committee of Russian Communist Workers Party – Revolutionary Party of Communists


Message from  the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic,

Polisario Front


ON behalf of the Saharawi People, the Polisario Front leadership and on my own behalf, I would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all members and leadership of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), CPI(M), as well as the fraternal Indian people on the holding of your 20th congress.


Despite the numerous difficulties and the international situation, we are confident that your congress will be successful thanks to the farsightedness of your approaches and strategies of action as well as your strong determination to tackle any challenges.


The Polisario Front has always attached great importance to the friendly relations with the CPI(M), and we would like to reiterate our strong resolve to strengthen and develop the traditional ties of friendship, solidarity and cooperation between our two parties and peoples.


Please accept, dear comrades, the assurances of my highest consideration.


--- Mohamed Abdelaziz, president of Saharawai Arab Democratic Republic and secretary general of the Polisario Front


Message from the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain


The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE) conveys fraternal greetings to the Communist Party of India (Marxist), on the occasion of your 20th congress.


The PCPE analyses the current crisis of capitalism as a structural crisis of the system where the only way out for the oligarchy and imperialism is to increase exploitation, plundering and violence against the peoples and the working class. In this frame we have the imperialist aggressions against the peoples of the world, Cuba, DPRK, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. At the same time, we have the imperialist policies in the labour and social fields in the European Union. For us there is no way out of the crisis in favour or the working class inside the capitalist system; only the construction of socialism is a way out for the whole social majority.


The crisis in the European Union is the expression of the aforementioned. Day after day, the imperialist character of this institution becomes clearer. It is a project that serves the interests of the oligarchy. The so-called “rescue operations” of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Italy are only direct interventions of the imperialist policies in order to safeguard the capitalist system and guarantee its continuity. The working class in Spain is suffering unprecedented attacks under the pretext of the “need to reform the system.” The few rights achieved after years of struggles are being smashed. The parties present in the parliament defend the interests of the system, directly or indirectly; they defend the management of the capitalist system.


The PCPE, like other communist and workers' parties, believes that the historical moment of the capitalist crisis is one stage in the era of the transition from capitalism to socialism. The triumph of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 started this era. We firmly reject those positions within the international communist movement that consider that the construction of socialism during the 20th century is a page that we have to close, full of mistakes. We believe that the victory of the organised bourgeoisie and the counter-revolution in the USSR and the socialist camp in 1991 is a temporary defeat that does not invalidate the process and the need of the socialist revolution.


In face of this scenario, there is a historical need to construct socialism. The socialist revolution is the only solution to this capitalist crisis. That is why we need today, more than ever, to give steps in the coordination of all the communist parties in the world, under the banner of Marxism-Leninism. The PCPE is giving steps in that direction, actively participating in different events and international meetings. We support and participate in the international communist review, the international meetings of communist and workers' parties, and the World Federation of Trade Unions. We believe that it is necessary to develop closer fraternal ties with other communist and workers' parties. We believe that mutual knowledge and fraternal debate can make us advance in concrete proposals that will help us to hit capitalism stronger.


We regret our impossibility to be present at this important congress, and we wish success in the debates.


Long live proletarian internationalism!


Socialism or barbarism!


--- Ástor García, responsible for the international relations of the Central Committee of the PCPE


Message from the Syrian Communist Party (the Unified)


ON behalf of our comrades in the Syrian Communist Party (the Unified), their friends and allies, I would like to state that it would be a great pleasure and honour for me to receive your letter in which inform us about the oncoming congress of your party.


No doubt, your concern over the slowing growth and economic hardships India is facing nowadays, and which the congress will discuss in detail, constitute an integral part of the current economic crisis striking the world capitalist system, from USA to Spain, Italy and above all Greece. No doubt you will be able to find creative solutions to the slowing economic growth.

Really, the tactics to be pursued by your party in the forthcoming period will be absolutely vital in strengthening your party, the Left and all the democratic forces in India. More important still, they will represent a considerable lesson to be learned by other fraternal parties, including our party. This is a very clear proof of the unity of the struggle through diversity.


Due to your decision not to invite any fraternal delegates to your congress, permit us to express our honest and true wishes that our letter would be enough to express our heartfelt solidarity with your party.


Dear comrades,


Thank you for solidarity with our party and our country.


Syria is under fire; it is being burned as a step toward destroying and having it divided along ethnic and sectarian lines. The powers --- USA, Great Britain, France, Israel and some Arab oil monarchies, which have so far failed in changing the political orientation of Syria, its insistence on supporting the heroic struggle of the Lebanese people against the military campaigns launched by Israel, the heroic and long standing struggle of the Palestinian people for its inalienable rights to return, self-determination and national statehood with East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state --- are resorting to all means available not only to destroy Syria, but to turn it to ashes if not ruins.


The claims of concern over human rights and liberties, worries about humanitarian circumstances in strife stricken areas in Syria, or the so-called friendship with Syria are all mere fallacies and hypocrisy which can never deceive anyone. Suffice it to draw the attention of all the world to the relentless support of USA for Israel, its chronic occupation of Arab territories, refusal to abide by UN resolutions. More importantly our memory still contains pictures of US campaign against Iraq, which was completely destroyed under the pretext of looking for supposed nuclear weapons.


Although there are similarities between the events which took place in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya, usually described as Arab Spring by western media, we are sure that the events in Syria have their distinguished character.


Accordingly, we would advise those who insist on repeating the Libyan model in Syria to change their minds because they are mistaken.

A stable and lasting solution for the crisis in Syria should be based on the following lines:


--- The right of the opposition to peaceful activity should be respected, now that the new constitution makes it clear the Syria is pluralistic country.


--- Dialogue among national, patriotic and popular masses is the only means for solving controversies and disputes. Armed groups in general are masterminded and funded by foreign countries which have no interest in the stability, progress and secure future of Syria.


--- Any military intervention in the crisis in Syria will make it more complicated and dangerously explosive.


--- World imperialist powers led by USA, Arab monarchies, Israel and Turkey should withdraw their hands from Syria.


--- We respect the right of the state, our sate, to defend its territories, but we cannot accept excessive and disproportionate use of force, specially when dealing with civilians.


We truly believe in our country, our citizens and our ability to survive this crisis and emerge triumphant.


Once more we would like to wish success for your congress.


Our best regards to your comrades.


Looking forward to cooperating with you and benefiting from your experience.


--- Hunin Nemer, first secretary of the Syrian Communist Party (the Unified)