People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 20

May 20, 2012

Shocking Verdict in Gruesome Massacre Case


THE recent judgement regarding 16 years old Bathani Tola massacre in Bihar has come as a rude shock to the people, as the Patna High Court has exonerated all the accused in the absence of foolproof evidence against them. Yet the court did comment that the investigating agency did not do its job properly and hence the court had no other option but to release them. It is to be noted here that the lower court had awarded death sentences for three of the accused and life term for 20 others.


It was 16 years ago, July 16, 1996, that the Ranbeer Sena, an illegal paramilitary army of landlords of Bhojpur district, enacted mayhem in Bathani Tola and killed 11 women, seven children and two infants, along with mass rapes and chopping of young women’s breasts. The hapless people belonged to the poorest minority, dalit and mahadalit communities. Despite the widespread outrage and protests against this dance of death, however, such incidents went on multiplying. Massacres at Bathe, Shankarpur, Mianpur and Narayanpur tell their own tales of brutality.


Later on the Ranbeer Sena chief Brahmeswar Singh, the main brain behind the series of massacres in which hundreds of dalits, minorities and mahadalits were done to death, got all support from different bourgeois-landlord parties during his legal fight --- right from the lower court to the High Court. Many such incidents have come to the fore where the murderers were being protected by the bigwigs of the ruling NDA.


Te Left parties have reacted angrily against the class-caste bias of the ruling NDA and the failure of the judiciary to impart justice to the most vulnerable sections of society. They are pressing for the demand that the case against Bathani Tola accused must be pursued in the apex court and that they should not be given any room to escape.


The Left parties met at Patna, the state capital, on April 26, 2012, to chalk out a statewide programme of action. It has been agreed that statewide dharnas would be staged on June 15, 2012 before the administrative headquarters in all districts.