People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 18

May 06, 2012

Message from the Communist Party of Greece

DEAR comrades,


We send warm comradely greetings to your 20th congress, to the members and cadres of the CPI(M), the workers, farmers, women, young people who are struggling in difficult conditions for the people's rights holding high the banner of socialism and communism.


We are closely following your struggles for the rights of the poor masses against the anti-people political line of the UPA government and against the strategic alliance of the USA and India in conditions when the international role of the monopoly capital of your country is enhancing.


We particularly express our solidarity with your struggle against the continuing anti-communist campaign in West Bengal which has been unleashed by a bloc in which bourgeois and so-called Maoist forces work together, with continuous murderous attacks against communists and their allies. We are committed to strengthening even further our activity to organise Indian immigrants in our country, to demand their comprehensive legalisation with full labour, social and democratic rights.


Dear comrades,


Your congress is being held in a period when the capitalist crisis is continuing and deepening. The contradictions of the system cannot be restrained, how-so-many efforts the bourgeois states and forces and imperialist organisations make. The development of the crisis demonstrates that it is a cyclical capitalist crisis of over-accumulated capital, which expresses a sharpening of the basic contradiction of the system --- the contradiction between capital and labour. The crisis highlights the historical boundaries of capitalism, stressing the timeliness of the socialist development path.


The capitalist crisis highlights that the capitalist development path, commodity production and the market cannot provide answers to the major problems of the people; on the contrary it intensifies them. The same lesson is apparent from the processes which led to the counterrevolution and overthrow in the USSR and other socialist countries.


The inter-imperialist contradictions are sharpening. We are following the developments in your region with great care --- the realignments of the alliances, the phase of intensifying competition between the monopolies of the USA and China which is reflected in the new strategic military priorities of the USA, in the intensity of the militarisation of the region, in the multiplication of flashpoints of instability and friction.


The developments and the sharpening of the class struggle place serious challenges before the communist movement. The defence of Marxism-Leninism, the universal laws of class struggle and the ideological confrontation against bourgeois ideology and the forces of opportunism, such as the ELP in Europe, acquire great significance.


In Europe and internationally, serious ideological issues have opened up, which are related to strategic choices of the international communist movement and the communist parties and their impact on the development of the class struggle --- either in the direction of rupture or into a retreat and assimilation of the labour movement.


A ceaseless effort to develop Marxism-Leninism is required as well as a front against opportunism --- a continuous struggle to strike roots among the working class and to build organisations in workplaces; a correct definition of the crisis and a rebuttal of the efforts of bourgeois and opportunist forces to exonerate the system when they talk about a debt crisis or a crisis of neo-liberalism; a class analysis of the rivalries between the capitalist powers, old and emerging, which compete to maintain or upgrade their position in the international imperialist system and the global market; an elaboration of the alliance policy which should be directed towards the concentration of working class and popular forces for the overthrow of capitalist barbarity; a scientific analysis of the character of our era as an era of the passage to socialism and an exact definition of the character of the revolution and a great effort to prepare the working class and popular masses, to combine tactics and strategy; upholding of the Leninist theory of imperialism, which specifically laid the foundations for the possibility of the socialist revolution’s victory and the construction of socialism.


Dear comrades,


Our party believes in the need to multiply the joint initiatives of the communist and workers parties. At the same time our party feels the need of steps to be taken in the direction of elaborating a unified revolutionary strategy for the international communist movement, through the collective effort of parties which believe in Marxism-Leninism, proletarian internationalism and the timeliness of the struggle for socialism.


With these thoughts we wish every success to the proceedings of your congress and wish further development of the comradely relations of our parties.


Message from the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia


THE Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia sends its most cordial greetings to your 20th congress. We salute all its delegates, and we express our great esteem and respect for your party, towards its well-known history and work so bravely develop in a hostile environment of more and more aggressive capitalism and its current crisis.


Our parties are to be found thousands of miles away from each other; however, at the same time, they are also mutually close, connected by common ideals, by the same goals of struggles, by standing firmly on the side of the workers and the ordinary, oppressed people.


We believe your congress would make a contribution to seeking the path to eradicate poverty and to improving the living conditions of these who need it most.   


On behalf of my own, of the party's Central Committee and of all communists, I'd like to wish you every success, plenty of strength and determination for the coming struggles for it. 


Long live the common goal of all the world's communist and workers' parties, the goal of socialism!


Most cordial, comradely greetings,


--- Vojtěch Filip, chairman of the KSČM Central Committee



Message from the Workers’ Party of Belgium


ON behalf of the National Council of the Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB), we express our warmest fraternal greetings on the occasion of the 20th congress of your party. We are confident that your congress will discuss relevant ideological and political matters and adopt related resolutions that will help steer the party and the masses forward in their struggle against imperialism and capitalism, with the perspective of socialism.


We know and highly value that the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has, for many decades already, been at the forefront of the Indian people's relentless struggle for land and liberty, for jobs and justice, for their liberation from oppression and exploitation and for their socialist future.


Today, the Indian workers and masses are, as in all places where imperialism and capitalism reign, reeling from the most severe economic crisis since the 1930s. At the same time, several countries are struggling against or are threatened with imperialist aggression, be it through embargoes and sanctions, military intervention under a thin 'humanitarian' veil or open war.


While this is indeed a period of great suffering and misery inflicted by imperialism and capitalism, we, communists, see such periods also as challenges full of opportunities to deal blows to our class enemies and to advance the workers' and people's struggles to a higher level. A 100 million Indian workers and employees recently gave a shining example of such class struggle with the successful general strike against the neo-liberal policies imposed by the UPA government.


The deepening and multifaceted crisis of the world capitalist system can also serve to educate more and more people about the necessity of an alternative society and mode of production, of socialism. It is but the Communist Party that is able to concretise this consciousness into a material force for societal change, in India as elsewhere.


We wish you success with your 20th party congress, and look forward to further developing and deepening the internationalist ties of friendship and solidarity between our two parties.


--- Baudouin Deckers, member of the Party Bureau and head of the Department of International Relations, Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB)

Message from the French Communist Party


THE French Communist Party is glad to send its warmest greetings to the 20th Congress of the CPI(M) that is taking place in a complex period in which you are facing the challenges and difficulties resulting from globalised and neo-liberal capitalism and their political expression, particularly as in the last elections.


In a different context, we are facing an attack of unprecedented dimensions against the rights and social gains, the jobs and purchasing power of the majority of workers and of our people. It is, unquestionably, democracy itself that is under attack. Capital and the leaders of the financial institutions want to subject our people and the people of Europe as a whole to an austerity diet unprecedented since the Second World War so protect the level of their profits. This disastrous policy is creating a considerable development of social struggles and of popular mobilisation.


In these conditions, our party, for the coming presidential and general elections, is developing its policy of union in a broad and dynamic Left Front and taking the initiative for decisive social progress in support of social rights, for an extension of existing liberties and for effective responses that meet democratic requirements for world peace and disarmament, for international relations based on the respect of people’s sovereignty in reciprocally beneficial cooperation.


We wish that your 20th congress has the greatest success in its work for your party and for the peoples of India. We reaffirm our full solidarity and our determination to strengthen still further our mutual relations.



Message from the Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party


ON behalf of the Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party I send to you our warmest fraternal greetings and best wishes on the occasion of the 20th congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).


We Hungarian communists highly appreciate the historic way of the Indian communists and their fight for the interests of working people. We give great importance to your struggle against revisionism and sectarianism in the communist movement at the international and national level, in order to defend the scientific and revolutionary tenets of Marxism-Leninism and its appropriate application in the concrete Indian conditions. Your ideological fight is a great contribution to the development of revolutionary theory. Over the years, the CPI (Marxist) has emerged as the foremost Left force in the country


Your congress is taking place when the is country facing severe economic hardships due to the global economic crisis. You are to work out the ways and means to strengthen the Left and democratic forces in the country to form broadest democratic unity of all those who are ready to fight the tyranny of neo-liberalism. Your main task is to strengthen the party organisation, as only a strong Communist Party, a class-based party which has big influence and extensive mass support, can perform its historic mission.


We know and respect you as an internationalist party fighting for the cooperation of communist and workers’ parties. We Hungarian communists do wish to continue our fraternal relations and to fight against capitalism together with you.


Comradely yours


--- Gyula Thurmer, president, Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party


Message from Tudeh Party of Iran


DEAR Comrades,


On behalf of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran, I wish to take this opportunity to extend our sincere comradely greetings to the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on the occasion of its 20th congress.


We wish the 20th congress every success in formulating your programme of action for developing the struggle of working people of the India for peace, prosperity and social progress in the current complex situation.


We would also like to reaffirm the long-standing and close relations between our two parties. The Tudeh Party of Iran highly appreciates the principled and internationalist positions adopted by CPI(M) in defence of the world peace, national liberation movements and the right of nations to decide their own path of development. We are aware of the complex international conditions in which these struggles are taking place.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks CPI(M) for its consistent solidarity with the people of Iran in their difficult struggle for peace, democracy, development and against the catastrophic policies of the theocratic regime ruling Iran.


Dear Comrade,


The CPI(M) has a powerful presence in the politics of India and has won important victories in a number of states in India to try to build a people’s alternative to capitalism. The experience gained through these endeavours are important resources for the left and communists not only in India but internationally about the complex issues involved in building a socialist alternative to capitalist barbarism. We are also aware of the significant role that CPI(M) plays in shaping the politics of India and the whole of Asia. Your positions in support of peace and progress in the Asian continent and internationally have important significance for the people in the West Asia and also the Middle East. Your important contribution to the progressive campaign for peaceful resolution of the US-Iran dispute over the latter’s plan for developing nuclear technologies has been recognised.       


We have closely, and with interest, followed the complex struggle of your party for overcoming the social, economic and political barriers that stand in the way of your struggle for advancing the people of India to peace, progress and prosperity. 


We extend our greetings to the leadership, members and supporters of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and wish you the best of success in the challenge of leading the struggle of the masses for a better and sustainable future, a socialist one! 


Dear Comrades,


Your congress is being held at a very sensitive and difficult period internationally. The unprecedented global capitalist economic crisis has completely overwhelmed powerful economies of the US, the EU and other countries following a capitalist economic outlook, such as India. Tens of millions of workers are thrown into poverty and unemployment and the cuts to public services have created a serious situation for working people in the capitalist world. It is now accepted that there aren’t any solution to this crisis based on capitalist economic models. 


The working class and poor across the world have increasingly become aware that the capitalism can’t offer a solution to current recession and economic and monetary meltdown and are turning to more active protest against capitalist barbarism. Working people are openly questioning the logic of the capitalist model.  At the same time the inter-imperialist contradictions have sharpened and the race for control of markets and resource rich areas of the world, the control of natural resources and energy routes, has intensified. This has led to unprecedented wars and military confrontations.


Dear Comrades,


The international situation, marked by an abrupt deepening of the structural crisis of capitalism in a world undergoing profound changes, poses extremely demanding and complex challenges to the communists and their struggle. This situation is characterised by the sharpening of the inter-imperialist contradictions, which intensify in conditions of capitalist crisis, for the control of natural resources and energy routes and which can lead to unprecedented wars and military confrontations.


It is within the context of such situation that the turbulent developments and unprecedented challenges that the Middle East region is facing should be considered. It is not an exaggeration to claim that the situation in the region is unprecedented. On the one hand we witness the emergence of the genuine popular movements for democracy, deep-rooted reforms and progressive change in the countries previously ruled by dictatorships and in many cases allied to imperialism. Simultaneously, as we have seen recently, the forces of imperialism and its regional allies are manoeuvring to ensure these popular movements are manipulated as in the case of Bahrain, Libya and Yemen, and divert them in the directions that ensure they remain in the sphere of control of imperialism. 


Imperialism is exploiting its military might and its traditional hegemony in the region to crush movements and, where deemed necessary, to use brute force and military aggression to secure its strategic interests. In recent months and in particular since the military aggression against Libya, the Israeli extreme right-wing government, which enjoys the full and unconditional support of US imperialism, has threatened to wage military action against strategic targets in Iran. The Tudeh Party of Iran believes that such an aggression would have grave consequences for the peoples of the region, including both Iran and Israel.


The Tudeh Party of Iran has clearly stated its position in condemning any intervention in Iran by imperialist states and their allies including Israel.  We analysed the threats of military interventions against Iran as part of the imperialist policy for advancing their plan for the creation of a “Greater Middle East.”  We believe that it is the right of the Iranian people themselves to determine the direction of future developments in their country and to achieve peace, democracy and progress.


Simultaneously we condemn the implementation of repressive measures against the popular movement in Iran by the ruling theocratic regime. We have declared our resolute solidarity with trade unionists, working people, women, students and all progressive and democratic forces struggling for human and democratic rights, economic and social justice, peace and democracy. We campaign for the unconditional release of all political prisoners and for an end to the use of physical and psychological tortures against political prisoners.


Our fight for democracy in Iran is aimed at creating the conditions for building of an effective anti-imperialist popular movement and this in turn is related to our principled position in resisting the imperialist plan in the Middle East and against our country.


Dear Comrades,


Our country, Iran is going through a very sensitive period, in which the people's movement for democracy, human rights and social justice has reached critical stages.    


The theocratic regime has proved itself incapable of offering a solution for the country’s economic, social and political problems. The country is currently ruled by a regime that is wedded into new liberal economic policies prescribed by the IMF and the World Bank. Privatisation is spreading to every aspect of the economy. The result has been catastrophic. Officially the unemployment rate is almost 15 per cent while the number of those living under poverty line is more than 20 per cent of total population. A new super rich minority which has its roots in the Islamic clergy and has been involved in the highest echelons of the military and state apparatus controls the state power. The regime’s political, economic and social outlooks are frighteningly backward and reactionary. 


The Tudeh Party of Iran has called for the country’s democratic forces to unite in an anti-dictatorial Front to resist the regime’s sinister plans. Our party has repeatedly stressed that social forces such as youth, students and women --- and particularly the working class --- are the main forces for change. The Tudeh Party of Iran has repeatedly warned that until the progressive movement overcome its lack of organisation and united action, reactionary forces can resist any attempts to dislodge them. We continue our efforts to organise the masses and strongly believe that the current popular protest movement, if organised and united, could pave the way for fundamental, democratic and lasting changes within our society. 


We are also aware of the complex situation that currently exists in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region. Our party, while strongly condemns any external intervention in our country, has called on the government to work towards diffusing the situation, which could be used as a pretext for further military adventures in the region.


Dear Comrades,


We are committed to the struggle for peace, progress and socialism as your fraternal party is. Our fight for democracy and human rights is at the service of our strategic fight for socialism and an integral part of this principled struggle. 


We wish your 20th congress every success in formulating your programme of actions and policies to develop the people’s fight for peace, progress and socialism. We once again take this opportunity to reaffirm our fraternal relations with the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and declare our commitment to their deepening and expansion.


Dear Comrades,


We salute you in your struggle for Peace, progress and Social progress.  May victory be yours!


Long live fraternal relations between Communist Party of India (Marxist) and Tudeh Party of Iran!


Long live International Solidarity!


Long live Socialism!


With best wishes for your success


In comradeship,


--- Navid Shomali, secretary, International Department, Central Committee, Tudeh Party of Iran