People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 18

May 06, 2012




‘Emulate Comrade Sundarayya's Path’


THE path shown by the legendary leader of toiling masses, Comrade P Sundarayya, needs to be emulated by all those across the country who are interested in seeing an India without exploitation and oppression. Sundarayya’s communist lifestyle, his methods of concrete study and practice would continue to inspire people across generations.


This was stated by Sitaram Yechury, editor of People's Democracy and Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M) while participating in the inauguration of a new complex of Sundarayya Vignana Kendram at Gachibowli in Hyderabad on May 1. The inauguration marked the beginning of the year long celebration of birth centenary of Comrade P Sundarayya, which the recently held 20th Party Congress called for.


The state home minister, Sabitha Indra Reddy, inaugurated the Sundarayya Vignan Kendram’s new complex. She was deputing for chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy who could not come as he had to stay back in New Delhi for inner party consultations. The chief minister sent a message in which he stated that Sundarayya had stood on the side of the poor throughout his life and won the love of the people as a sacrificing, disciplined leader. He called for taking the life, personality, integrity and ideals of  Sundarayya among the newer generations of people in various forms and wished that the new SVK complex would play a role in that.

The new complex, built in the 4 acre site in Gachibowli, hosts mainly a research library, digitisation centre, a modern conference hall, and an exhibition hall for arts. A canteen and a book house have also been constructed in the complex. An open air amphitheatre that can seat 250 people is being constructed. The library has a collection of over 1.5 lakh books in English, 70,000 in Telugu and 40,000 books in Urdu. Thousands of rare books in Telugu and Urdu have already been digitised.


Yechury in his address to the meeting that was held after the inauguration recalled the great contribution of Sundarayya in ushering in important changes. “The Telangana armed struggle led by Sundarayya set a new agenda for the nation. It ultimately resulted in abolition of zamindari system and bringing in land reforms on to the agenda of the country”, he said. The shaping of modern Indian republic and the political map of Indian Union also had the contribution of Left movement led by Sundarayya.


Yechury said that he was lucky enough to spend a lot of time together with Comrade Sundarayya during the last nine years of his life at Delhi. “At that time I questioned him that when all the communists in the world are opposing us, the ruling classes in the country are our bitter enemies, Naxalism is on the rise and in this entire backdrop, where from this strength of the CPI(M) is emerging? Sundarayya’s answer to that question of mine has inspired me ever since”, he said. Sundarayya’s answer was that it is the in-depth study and application of Marxism-Leninism that gives the CPI(M) its strength.


Yechury said that Sundarayya used to always stress that it is only Marxism that combines both scientific theory and revolutionary practice and that it is crucial to take both forward in tandem. He said it is important today for the younger generation of activists to learn how Sundarayya combined both in his life. Extensive and intensive concrete study is required for this. Questions such as what should the contours of socialism in 21st century be, what are our cultural, historical legacies that need to be carried forward vigorously etc must form the focus of concrete study. He hoped that the new facility of Sundarayya Vignana Kendram would play an important role in this task.


Home minister Sabitha Indra Reddy said that the selfless life of Sundarayya would inspire generations to come. The SVK library built in the name of such a great leader would bring about more fame to the Hyderabad city itself.


Mallu Swarajyam, Telengana armed struggle veteran, who spoke at the meeting recalled the crucial role played by Sundarayya in that struggle. When the time came of laying down the arms, Sundarayya gave confidence to the fighters and explained patiently the need to lay down arms. He used to stress that we need to chose the forms of struggle depending on the people’s readiness and inclinations, she said. Sundarayya played an unparalleled role as a parliamentarian with all his honesty, simplicity and political ethics, she reminded.


Among the attendees, which included a wide cross section of people, included CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and state secretary B V Raghavulu, central committee members P Madhu, P Ramayya, CPI state secretary K Narayana and others. The guests to this meeting were invited on to the dais by Professor Atlury Murali. The meeting was presided over by SVK managing trustee, C Sambi Reddy while secretary of the Trust, Y Siddhaiah, read out the message of the chief minister to the meeting.