People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 04

January 22, 2012


Bihar: Feudals Murder One More CPI(M) Cadre


THE struggle against the lawless feudal lords has claimed one more life in Bihar. On January 9, goons of these feudal lords did to death Comrade Surendra Yadav (50), an important CPI(M) leader, in Dalsingh Sarai in Samastipur district. He was secretary of the local committee and a member of the district committee of the party. He was attacked at about 8.45 in the night after he had closed his small shop and was getting ready to go to his village, Kyota.    


As soon as the news of the murder spread, thousands of people gathered on the Delhi-Assam National Highway in the same night and, giving vent to their anger, blocked all vehicular traffic. The police and administration could get the blockade lifted only after several hours, with the assurance that they would take steps to get the culprits apprehended and punished.


Next day, more than 10,000 people took part in Comrade Yadav’s funeral procession, with women numbering more than 2,000. Several members of the CPI(M) state committee and state secretariat took part in the funeral procession and last rites in the martyred comrade’s own village.


On this occasion, in addition to reiterating the demand of action in regard to nominated culprits, CPI(M) leaders also held the DSP and police station incharge as responsible for the murder. It is notable that in the context of the ongoing land struggle in the area and the growing influence of the party, Comrade Yadav had several times represented to the IG Police and the chief minister about the growing threat to his life. Yet, under pressure from the feudal lords, the lower level, police officers ignored the petitions.


The CPI(M) leaders categorically said that in case there was no action against the identified culprits and guilty police personnel, it would only mean that the JD(U)-BJP government stood by the feudal lords. The party has decided to organise a big protest meeting here by the month end and intensify struggles all over the state in accordance with the decisions of its recent state conference. These leaders also demanded that the state government must make adequate arrangements for education and employment of Comrade Yadav’s offspring who include two unmarried daughters and a minor son. Comrade Yadan has also left an old and ailing mother behind.


The CPI(M) has a glorious record of struggle and sacrifice in the district and in Dalsingh Sarai alone, the number of party branches has increased from 3 to 13 in the last few year. In the last panchayat elections in the comrade’s village, Kyota, Neelam Devi of the CPI(M) had defeated the candidate of the feudal lords by a big margin of 1100 votes. Ever since then, these feudal elements, patronised by the BJP as well as the JD(U), have been conspiring against the party and they finally, with the indirect help they got from the administration, they took the life of Comrade Surendra Yadav. Yet the people are seething here with anger, which indicates that the feudal conspiracies may well get rebuffed.