People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 04

January 22, 2012




CPI (M) State Conf Calls for

Intensification of Struggles


Prakash Viplav


CAPITALISTS across the world are responsible for the economic crisis engulfing the globe, Europe and the United States in particular, said Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member, while addressing the inaugural session of the three day state conference of the CPI(M) that began at the Sahebganj Town Hall on January 6, 2012. He added that finance capital is the root cause of the crisis across the globe.


Referring to Jharkhand, he said, this state was created to protect the cause of the tribals and uplift them. He observed that there was a steady deterioration of the tribals’ socio-economic condition in the past eleven years.


He said that the CPI(M) would initiate mass movements in Jharkhand to bring all sections of the people on a common platform to fight the political and social issues plaguing  the state.


Earlier, addressing an impressive mass meeting at the Railway Institute ground, Yechury criticised the Congress and the BJP for having a tacit understanding in the parliament. He said that six times the Manmohan Singh government faced trouble in parliament but sailed smoothly owing to the understanding with the BJP. The BJP bailed out the Manmohan Singh government on Lokpal bill too. He said people were frustrated that the bill was not placed in Rajya Sabha for voting.


Md Salim, Central Committee member while addressing the gathering said that both the Congress and the BJP are responsible for the prevailing corruption; he was referring to the 2G Scam and the irregularities in mining in Karnataka.


Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau member in-charge for Jharkhand and Md Salim were present through out the delegate session.


The conference was attended by 212 delegates and 32 observers from 22 districts.


The political-organisational report was placed by the out going secretary, J S Majumdar and 61 delegates participated in the discussions on the report and later it was adopted unanimously.


A new state committee of 35 members unanimously elected Gopi Kant Baksi as the secretary. Seven delegates were elected for the Twentieth Party Congress.


Brinda Karat in her concluding address called for bringing the burning issues of the people of Jharkhand into the centre of politics and to intensify struggles.


She said the CPI(M) is trying to place an alternative in our country and therefore it was urgently needed that struggles against imperialism and communalism be intensified.


She also referred to the developments in Russia and Latin America where Communists and Left forces, respectively, have registered historical electoral victories.


Brinda Karat called for strengthening the CPI(M) and thereby strengthening the unity of Left forces and intensify movements against anti-people policies of the present government.


She also underlined the urgency of training the youth who have joined the Party in good numbers.


The conference adopted resolutions on different burning issues of the people and 17 point tasks were identified for the coming years including financial and administrative rights to the elected representatives of panchayats and local bodies, proper rehabilitation and resettlement policy prior to displacement, proper implementation of MNREGA, Forest Rights etc.


The session was concluded with the rendering of the  International song.


The conference was significant in the present political juncture of the state, where a coalition government has failed to address the people’s grievances.


In Sahebganj, a small bordering district with West Bengal, the state conference was enthusiastically organised, the whole town was decorated with red flags and festoons, an impressive rally was attended by tribals and people from different cross-sections of the society.  The whole programme was organised in a disciplined way and the programme attracted local inhabitants.