People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 52

December 25, 2011


AISGEF Conf Decides to Join Feb 28 Strike


HAVING taken place at Hissar in Haryana, the fourteenth national conference of the All India State Government Employees Federation (AISGEF) concluded on December 18, Sunday, with the election of a new executive committee and office bearers. The conference also issued a resolute call for intensification of the struggle to oppose the policies that are targeted against the hard won rights of the employees and other sections of the working class. Through a separate resolution, the conference resolved to make the countrywide February 28 strike a big success as called for by the major trade unions on five main demands. Other main issues to be pressed by the strike are withdrawal of the PFRDA bill, filling of 50 lakh vacant posts, regularisation of all part-time, contract, daily wage, ad hoc, fixed wage employees and those engaged on outsourcing in different government departments.


Through another resolution, the AISGEF conference demanded equal pay for equal work, other social welfare benefits, pension for all, right to strike, penal action against those violating labour laws, mandatory registration of trade unions within 45 days, no permission for FDI, curbing price rise, strengthening of PDS.


R G Karnik, R Muthu Sundaram and Sukomal Sen were re-elected president, general secretary and senior deputy chairman respectively, while Subhash Lamba and Shri Kumar were elected assistant general secretaries. Besides these, Ajay Mukherjee was made ex-officio executive president. Lallan Panday, V Shahjahan, P H M Ismail, R Tamil Silvi, N Chandrakar, L N Kailashiyan, Ved Prakash Sharma, Samarjit Rai Chaudhary and Sultan Aula are the vice presidents. Manjul Kumar Das, Nirmal Das, Sumit Joshi, Ashok Thool, Janardan Reddy, Ram Adhar Sharma, Mohammed Maqbool, Bhabesh Deka, Anata Bandopadhyaya, M L Satkar are secretaries while Binoy Bhattacharya is finance secretary of the AISGEF headquarters at Kolkata.


Subhash Lamba, general secretary of the Haryana Sarva Karmachari Sangh, told that a total of 2000 delegates from 25 states took part in the four day national conference which ended with a special note of thanks to the volunteers and people from Hissar and other parts of Haryana for making the conference a grand success.