People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 49

December 04, 2011


Mass Civil Disobedience by LF in Kolkata


From Our Special Correspondent in Kolkata


THOUSANDS of people assembled at Rani Rashmoni Road in Kolkata on November 28 to protest against the anti-people policies of the Trinamool and Congress run central and state governments; against price rise; against the reign of terror in West Bengal and the undemocratic ordinance issued by Mamata Banerjee government on education. Streams of people gathered in downtown area in large processions. After the protest meeting, more than 6000 people courted arrested led by the Left Front chairman, Biman Basu, the leader of the opposition in West Bengal assembly, Surjyakanta Mishra, and various other leaders of the Left Front. The leaders appealed to the rest of the gathering to refrain from going forward.


Before courting arrest, the Left Front chairman said in his speech that prices are continuously increasing because of the faulty policies of the central and the state governments. A systematic attack is taking place on democracy in West Bengal with the government trying to take back through undemocratic means the hard won rights of the people of West Bengal. At the same time, a reign of terror has been unleashed in the state whereby 48 Left activists have been killed in the recent past. It is in protest against such anti-people policies of the government that the Left Front has taken up the movement of mass civil disobedience. In his speech, Biman Basu also stated that the Trinamool Congress has always supported the policies of the central government both during the NDA as well as UPA rule. In the case of increase of petrol and fertilizer prices, the Trinamool was present in the cabinet meetings in which the decisions were taken.  Therefore they must also take the blame of the anti-people policies of the central government.


In his speech, the leader of the opposition, Surjyakanta Mishra said that the state government is resorting to illegal decisions sitting in the Writers’ Building. They are trying to curb the rights of the panchayats. On the other hand political opponents are being killed and farmers are being evicted from their lands. Surjyakanta Mishra also said that the chief minister broke all laws when she personally went to a police station to release supporters of her party. In protest against all these, the Left Front has taken to the streets and will continue the movement for furthering the interests of the people.


CPI state secretary Manjukumar Majumdar, RSP leader Kshiti Goswami, Jayanta Ray of Forward Block were among others who addressed the meeting.


The mass civil disobedience movement was the culmination of many such programmes which were taken up in the districts. The Left Front and Kisan Sabha have organised mass protest actions throughout the state. All sections of the people participated in large numbers in the call for civil disobedience. The central programme in Kolkata was in fact the biggest such mobilisation after the assembly elections in the state.