People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 49

December 04, 2011



Wage Board Issue: DUJ Observes Black Day


THE Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) observed Black Day on December 1 to protest against the moves to scuttle the Wage Board for journalist and non-journalists, and concerted moves to kill the Working Journalists Act.


The black day observance also spotlighted the increasing attacks on journalists in sensitive areas and moves by the Jammu & Kashmir state government to withdraw advertisements to select newspapers.


The black day observance was followed by a solidarity rally with the Confederation of Newspapers and News Agency Employees Federation. An action committee of the DUJ, Press Unity Centre of Delhi and various bodies in Delhi has been constituted, the DUJ added.


Earlier, a statement by the DUJ general secretary S K Pande on November 28, 2011 had urged upon its members to be ready for a phased action plan, with full support to all Confederation plans. The black day observance was the first action. DUJ members also participated in a March to Parliament in coordination with the Confederation, the DUJ said.