People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 45

November 06, 2011

CITU Denounces NMIZ Concept 


THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) has expressed its strong opposition to the national manufacturing policy, approved by the government, which the organisation said would create new islands of lawlessness, with bountiful concessions to business houses and absolute jungle raj in implementation of labour laws of the land.


Issued from New Delhi on October 27, the CITU statement on the issue recalled that the corruption-tainted government of the day has showed scant regard for the public outcry against the formation of the special economic zones (SEZs). These the statement said have been a huge source of corruption for the benefit of the real estate lobby and land-grabbers. And now the government has declared its intention for formation of the national manufacturing investment zones (NMIZs). In fact, the CITU said the NMIZ concept is a design to convert the entire domestic businesses into so-called special economic zones, with bountiful concessions from the public exchequers and that too without any export obligation.


The CITU has strongly denounced the attempt of the government to give backdoor entry to the so-called labour reforms of “hire and fire,” as dictated by the employers, through the NMIZs. The organisation has unhesitatingly reiterated that the government of the day cannot unilaterally change the existing labour laws, legislated in the parliament, through executive policy orders.  The CITU has expressed its resentment that instead of ensuring the implementation of existing labour laws as demanded by the central trade union organisations, the UPA-II government has paved the way for non-implementation if not the eliminations of labour laws in the NMIZs in order to woo some selected investors of its choice.


The CITU has pointed out that the manufacturing policy declared by the government would be discriminatory against such industries as will not be operating in the NMIZs. Instead of ensuring genuine development in manufacturing sector, it will create specially privileged manufacturers who would take undue advantages of the concessions offered by the government. If the government had any genuine concern for fostering growth in the manufacturing sector, the CITU said it would have prioritised less capital intensive investments in reviving sick engineering units – major, medium and SMEs.


The CITU has warned that the working class would give a fitting reply to the contemptuous disregard shown by the government to the basic norm of industrial democracy --- of consultation with central trade unions --- before taking a decision on labour related issues. The CITU has urged upon all trade unions, public interest groups, farmers and land-users, to prepare for concerted opposition to the NMIZs so that the government, which is crawling before corporate interest, is forced to rescind its decision on the NMIZs that is aimed to give bonanza for investors and fly-by-night operators while spelling bondage for workers.