People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 40

October 02, 2011

Revolutionary Tributes Paid To Comrade Surjeet


Raghunath Singh


A RALLY was organised to pay homage to Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet on his third death anniversary at his native village Bundala in district Jalandhar, Punjab. Members of the CPI(M) state secretariat and Gurchetan Singh Bassi, a member of the state committee, served as  presidium of the rally. Apart from leaders of various political parties, family members of Comrade Surjeet were also present on the stage. When Bibi Pritam Kaur, widow of Comrade Surjeet, came to the stage despite her advancing age, she was greeted by the audience with loud slogans.


Paying revolutionary tributes to Comrade Surjeet, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Mohammad Amin said Comrade Surjeet was one of the tallest leaders and builders of the Communist Party in India and also played a crucial role for the advancement of communist movement all over the world. Recalling Comrade Surjeet’s role in fighting against communal, anti-national and separatist forces, Amin said Comrade Surjeet was always in the forefront in the fight against communal forces of all shades and played a remarkable role in defending the unity and integrity of India. He further said that Comrade Surjeet was a man of the masses and almost every top politician sought his advice in a crisis; Comrade Surjeet too provided correct guidance to whosoever came for his guidance. Recalling Comrade Surjeet’s role in mobilising a shipment of food grains, medicines and other material for Cuba, Amin said Comrade Surjeet always kept high the banner of proletarian internationalism. He helped Cuba when Cuba was in a serious economic crisis after the collapse of the USSR. This was a glaring example of his commitment to fighting imperialism and defending a socialist country. The way Comrade Surjeet extended solidarity to the working class movements and to the people fighting against imperialism will always be remembered by the coming generations all over the world. His simple lifestyle, hard work and contribution to the communist movement would always be a model and source of inspiration for us. On the occasion we should pledge to work hard to fulfil the unfinished task of Comrade Surjeet, he added.


Commenting on the present capitalist crisis, Mohd Amin said capitalism cannot solve the basic problems facing mankind. Capitalism, which is based on exploitation of man by man and nation by nation, had always been crisis ridden and would remain so in future too. Only socialism can solve the problems facing mankind and free the world from all kinds of exploitation and injustice. He expressed hope that one day the red flag would fly over the world, adding that a strong mass based Left and democratic front is the need of the time the betterment of India and of Punjab. He urged the people of Punjab to mobilise all the Left, democratic and secular forces to defeat the Congress and Akali-BJP combination in the coming assembly elections.


Addressing the rally, CPI(M) state secretary Charan Singh Virdi said Comrade Surjeet was an exemplary communist with an unshakable faith in Marxism-Leninism.  There is no match for his hard working nature, simple life style and contribution in developing the communist movement. In his whole life Comrade Surjeet worked hard for the advancement of the revolutionary movements and always followed Marxist-Leninist organisational norms. Virdi said some comrades are expert in ideological struggle, some in economic struggles and some in political struggles. But Comrade Surjeet was expert in all the three forms of class struggle. Virdi further added that the memory of Comrade Surjeet would always remain with us and guide us in our struggle for socialism. On the occasion, he announced that a joint electoral platform would be formed with the CPI and PPP to defeat the Akali-BJP combine and the Congress, and told that the people of Punjab were fed up with the misrule of both the Congress led UPA government in the centre and Akali-BJP government of Punjab due to rising prices, unemployment, corruption and anti-people economic policies. Virdi condemned both the Congress and Akali-BJP also for not taking up the issues of Punjab people seriously. He said a joint meeting of the CPI(M), CPI and PPP would be held soon to formalise the formation of the third electoral platform.


Manpreet Singh Badal, president of the newly formed Peoples Party of Punjab (PPP), said he was pained to note that the number of leaders like Comrade Surjeet is decreasing, and added that Comrade Surjeet was one of the personalities who dominate for centuries. Highlighting Comrade Surjeet’s contribution in upliftment of the downtrodden and in the freedom movement, the speaker said that Comrade Surjeet was one of those stalwarts who built this nation and Punjab and that all political parties honour his contribution and guidance. Referring Comrade Surjeet’s skill in forming coalition governments, he said it was Comrade Surjeet who united all scattered forces against communalism and evil designs of anti-national elements. His demise is a great loss to the nation and cannot be easily overcome. To free the country from poverty is an uphill task but we can succeed in this goal by following in Comrade Surjeet’s steps, said Manpreet. He also said that he was proud to have an alliance with the Left parties and thanked the latter for preferring him as their ally to defeat the Congress and Akali-BJP combine. He concluded by saying that we should take a pledge to root out poverty, unemployment and corruption so as to pay true homage to Comrade Surjeet.


On this occasion, Bibi Pritam Kaur honoured Mohinder Singh Gunachaur for his tireless efforts to strengthen the party.


Abhay Singh (nephew of Shaheed Bhagat Singh), Balwant Singh Ramoowalia (president, Lok Bhalai Party), Dr Joginder Dayal (member of the CPI National Executive), Lehmbar Singh Taggar, Raghunath Singh, Vijay Misra, Gurmesh Singh, Bant Namol and Bhoop Chand Channo (members of CPI(M) state secretariat), Raghubir Kaur (secretary, Desh Bhagat Yadgar Committee) and Paramjit Singh (Comrade Surjeet’s elder son) also paid tributes to Comrade Surjeet.