People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 39

September 25, 2011


Situation in AP can Worsen:

CPI(M) Demands Immediate Action


Below is the text of the resolution adopted by the CPI(M) AP state secretariat at the conclusion of its two day meeting in Hyderabad on September 20, 2011.


THE CPI(M) strongly condemns the irresponsible stand of the central government and the Congress high command that are dilly dallying on finding a solution to the controversial issue of division/remaining integrated, that is rocking the state since long.


It is more than eight months since the Justice Srikrishna Commission has submitted its report. But in the name of arriving at a consensus within their own party, the central government is delaying taking a decision. Both the major parties in the state, the Congress and the TDP are not taking a forthright stand and are enacting a drama by taking diametrically opposite stands in both regions. They are responsible for growing passions among people and the issue not being solved. But the main responsibility for the present dire and uncertain situation in the state lies with the Congress that is ruling both in the state and at the centre. It appears after splitting the people vertically on regional grounds, the Congress high command is enjoying the situation.


The development of the state has come to a standstill for the last few years. Administration has ground to a halt. Peoples’ problems are mounting. Farmers are suffering due to fertilizer shortages, people are suffering from a spate of viral fevers, contract employees are on the roads struggling for wages, but the state government is hardly bothered. And the Congress high command is not bothered about this state of affairs. In fact, it appears that it is taking vicarious pleasure as the situation in the state is deteriorating.


The situation in the state is deteriorating by the day due to this criminally negligent stance of the Congress party. With the ongoing sakala janula strike (every people strike) in Telangana, people’s lives have become miserable. There is every likelihood of situation deteriorating further if the central government delays in solving the issue. We demand that it must take immediate steps to resolve the issue by taking necessary steps.