People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 39

September 25, 2011


Left Parties Observe

Telangana Armed Struggle Anniversary



The Left parties had organised a meeting on the occasion of the anniversary of the Telangana Armed Struggle on September 17 at Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, Hyderabad. CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and state secretary B V Raghavulu, K Narayana, CPI state secretary, M D Gouse, leader of MCPI(U), G V Raghavulu, leader of the CPI(ML), Janaki Ramulu, state secretary of RSP participated in the meeting that was presided over by Surender Reddy, chairman of the Forward Block in the state.


Thousands of acres of land was distributed due to the Telangana armed struggle but because of the retrograde actions of the rulers, the land issue is coming forth again in various new forms, observed the leaders of the Left parties. Now, the lands are being snatched away from the people and the same are being handed over to the corporates and big shots, they criticised. As a result, the problem of the plots for housing is coming onto the forefront, they explained. The leaders of the Left parties as well warned that an attempt is being made to drive away the poor from the slums, in the name of the beautification of the cities. The rulers are whiling away the time, by diverting the attention of the public from the struggles of the people on various issues.


Though the glorious armed struggle had taken place 60 years back, we could still not achieve its goals, the Left leaders reminded. They called in for the realisation of those goals, drawing inspiration from the martyrs of that struggle. B V Raghavulu speaking on this occasion said some people today are giving distorted interpretations to the Telengana armed struggle which was fought for the sake of ‘land, sustenance and liberation’, in order to just perpetuate their interests. Some others are portraying it as a struggle that was fought between the Muslim king and the Hindu people, he added. In fact, there were more of the Hindu officials in the court of the Nizam. On the other hand, there were many Muslims amongst those who fought against the Nizam, he reminded. There would not be any discrimination as to religion, caste and region for the class that exploits the others, he explained. The poor people who had no voice at all could live with dignity because of the land distribution carried on by this struggle, he lauded. The landlords and people belonging to the organisations like the RSS had subserved the Nizam during those days without even shedding a single drop of blood in that struggle, he criticized and commented that those very people later on wore the khadi caps on their heads. Raghavulu also criticised those who now glorify the Nizam rule by saying that there was a lot of development in Telangana during that period. He questioned whether they would also praise the British rule in India as a good one just because they had constructed many projects and buildings and developed railway lines and road ways during their rule in India.


K Narayana who spoke at the meeting said that the central government at that time had resorted to many tactics in order to suppress the Telangana armed struggle that was rising like a tidal wave at that time. As a part of those tactics Acharya Vinobha Bhave was brought onto the scene in the name of the ‘Bhoodan Movement,’ he added. But the lands that were distributed in the name of that movement now were in the hands of the corporate forces and the realtors, he criticised. The twin features that can be now seen ruling our polity are the corporate culture and the commercialisation of politics, he emphasised. Gouse addressing the meeting said it is sad that some people are flaring up the hostilities between the regions of the state in the name of a separate Telangana movement. G V Raghavulu emphasised that the Telangana armed struggle laid foundations for the ‘new democratic revolution’ in our country. Janaki Ramulu condemned those people who are distorting the history for the sake of their gains now. V S Bose, CPI city secretary proposed the vote of thanks.