People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 37

September 11, 2011




Tackle the Scourge of

Terrorism Comprehensively




YET another terrorist bomb blast occurred in the country’s capital, New Delhi. A high intensity blast soon after the Courts opened, around 10 am, has already claimed the lives of 11 innocent people with 59 others seriously injured.  Tragically, the figures of the dead may well rise given the grievous nature of injuries to some. 


This attack took place when the parliament is in session and in its vicinity at the guarded gates of the Delhi High Court. It is a usual practice that when the parliament is in session, Delhi is placed on a high alert. This attack took place despite this. This attack also took place despite the fact, according to a statement made by the union home minister to the parliament that, “Several measures have been taken to strengthen Delhi Police.  Despite the capacity that has been built and despite Delhi Police remaining on high alert, the tragic incident occurred today.”


This is, indeed, disturbing.  On the one hand, all the political parties represented in the parliament rose as one man to condemn this terrorist attack and appealed to the people to remain calm and united in our efforts to defeat terrorism. On the other hand, despite the fact that on this score, the government receives the support of the political spectrum, the effort to thwart such attacks is somehow not succeeding as the country and the people desire. The resolute will of the nation against terrorism needs to find a better expression in the results.  This is not withstanding the assurance given by the union home minister to the parliament that, “We are determined to track down the perpetrators of this horrific crime and bring them to justice.”


This assurance must be realised at the earliest.  Terrorism in our country knows no religion, caste or region. Simply put terrorism is anti-national.  The country must display zero tolerance towards terrorism. 


Following the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, the country created new agencies and authorities in order to combat such terror attacks.  The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has been established.  The NIA has now been entrusted with investigation into this attack. When these new laws were being discussed in the parliament, many of us had held the opinion that while investigation of the terrorist attacks and punishment of the perpetrators are important, effective systems must also be put in place in order to anticipate and prevent such attacks from happening.   There is a particular need to strengthen the coordination between the different intelligence agencies that operate in the country, apart from strengthening their innate capacities.  The union home minister on that occasion, in 2008, in response to such issues, informed the parliament that the government would come back with concrete proposals.  This, unfortunately, has not happened so far. This must be urgently pursued.  The country and the people will not accept any vacillation on this score any longer. 


While the country pays homage to these latest victims of terrorism, we convey our sincere heartfelt condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. The government must ensure adequate compensation and rehabilitation to them and should not hesitate to treat the injured with all the necessary urgency and attention that is required. 


Let us unitedly rid our country of this deadly anti-national scourge. 

(September 07,2011)