People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 35

August 28, 2011

 Fraternal Communist Parties

Condole Comrade M K Pandhe


The following are the messages of condolence sent by the international Communist Parties to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on the demise of Comrade M K Pandhe.


Communist Party of Bangladesh

ON behalf of the Communist Party of Bangladesh, we convey our heartfelt condolence on the demise of Comrade M K Pandhe, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M) and senior most leader of the trade union movement in India. 


Comrade Pandhe dedicated his entire life to the peoples struggle against colonialism, imperialism, capitalist exploitation and communalism, for democracy, freedom, peace and progress.


The Communist Party of Bangladesh remembers with honour his contribution to the AITUC and the CITU and the struggles of working class at various levels. He was a true internationalist and dedicated to the cause of anti-imperialism who worked constantly for developing the solidarity of the working class movement in South Asian region and all over the world.
We pay our revolutionary red salute to Comrade M K Pandhe who will continue to live amongst us in our struggle for peace, freedom and socialism.


We also extend our deep sympathy to his bereaved family, friends, comrades and his beloved Party.      

Mujahidul Islam Selim

General Secretary



Communist Party of Sri Lanka

Please accept heartfelt condolences on the passing away of   Comrade M K Pandhe,   veteran trade unionist and a leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).  We dip our red banner in his memory.  Please convey our condolences to the members of his family.

Raja Collure


Japanese Communist Party

I am saddened to hear the news of the demise of M K Pandhe, who made a great contribution to the labour movement and the revolutionary movement in India. I express my deepest condolence.


I recall my meeting with him at the venue of the 19th Congress of the CPI(M) in Coimbatore in 2008 and at the JCP headquarters in Tokyo when he visited Japan leading a trade union delegation in 2009. Our fruitful and friendly exchanges will remain a  fond memory.


Please convey my heartfelt condolence to his bereaved family. I wish the leadership and the members of the CPI(M) to continue the struggle for social progress and the efforts to advance the labour movement in your country in spite of a loss of one of the respected and outstanding fighters.


Vice chair

Executive committee



Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

With deep sorrow, we have received the sad news that Comrade M K Pandhe, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M) and a magnificent trade union leader passed away.


Comrade M K Pandhe had done a huge amount of work in both the Communist movement and the trade union movement, making efforts to help ordinary people in their struggle for better, more just world for everyone.


On behalf of myself, of the CPBM’s Central Committee as well as of Czech communists, I bid my farewell to the great son of the Indian people, and I’d like to express my deepest condolences to his wife, as well as to the other family members.

Stanlslav Grospic

Vice-chairman of the CPBM’s CC

Chairman of the OSCMS TU


Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

I am deeply saddened to learn about the passing away of the veteran leader Comrade M K Pandhe, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M). I express my profound grief on the death of the senior-most leader of the trade union movement in the country. I convey my heartfelt condolences to all the Party members of the CPI(M) and pray to the Almighty that he may grant courage and fortitude to his family members in bearing this irreparable loss.


May the soul of the departed rest in peace.     

Milena Santana-Ramirez

Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela