People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 35

August 28, 2011

CPI(M) Will Build Up Mass Struggles In West Bengal


By our Special

Correspondent in Kolkata


THE CPI(M) West Bengal state committee has resolved to build up mass struggles with new vigour on peoples’ issues. The extended session of the state committee, held on August 21-22 in Kolkata, discussed the new political situation in the state and formulated Party’s tasks in the coming days.


The meeting concluded that the Party and the Left would play the role of a constructive opposition in the state. At the same time the Party will develop mass movement on issues affecting the livelihood of people. Party organisation will be remoulded to suit the existing reality. It was felt that the rectification process should be continued. The entire Party should dedicate itself to stand beside the poor people.


Party state secretary Biman Basu, concluding the two day discussion, said the ongoing attack on the Left should be resisted by mobilising the people. In building up struggles, the priority should be on class issues with a class outlook. Party committees and Party members have to increase their activities manifold. There should be increased emphasis on ideological training of the Party activists. Mass organisations are very important in this juncture and their mass activities should be widened. There is no reason to believe that the existing situation would continue forever.


Polit Bureau member Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, in his intervention said the objective situation is that the people are reeling under price rise, unemployment and various other attacks of liberalisation. Corruption at highest level has created an increasing discontent among people. The Left should be prepared subjectively to cope with the situation. In West Bengal, the Left movement has advanced through building up mass struggles though many governments have been formed and broken up from 1967. We have to continuously hit the streets. The real strength lies with the people and we have to win back those who have voted against the Left through struggles only.


The session decided to reorganise the Party at different levels.