People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 31

July 31, 2011




Maharashtra Contributes Rs 6.58 Lakh As First Instalment 


IN the state level party class of the CPIM) Maharashtra, held in Mumbai on July 24, 2011, a sum of Rs 6,57,952 was handed over to as the West Bengal Solidarity Fund through Sitaram Yechury, a member of the CPI(M) Polit Bureau. To this fund, this was the first instalment of the contribution made by the party and the mass organisations in Maharashtra.


An enthusiastic on-the-spot collection was made from the 393 participants of the state party class, who comprised the state and district committee members of the party as well as whole-timers of the party and the mass organisations led by it. The idea was that the party leadership itself should directly contribute to the West Bengal Solidarity Fund. This on-the-spot collection came to Rs 28,652.


The party and mass organisations are continuing their fund collection campaign among the people and it is expected that the Rs 10 lakh mark will be crossed by the end of August 2011. The CPI(M) state committee has insisted that every district where the party exists in Maharashtra must contribute its mite to this solidarity fund.


Some of the major contributions handed over to Sitaram Yechury on the day were as follows:

1) CPI(M) Maharashtra State Committee                                                            Rs 1,00,000

2) CPI(M) Transport District Committee                                                        Rs 1,50,000

3) CPI(M) Solapur District Committee                                                           Rs 1,05,000

4) CPI(M)/CITU/AIKS Thane District Committees (Rs 25,000 each)           Rs     75,000

5) CPI(M)/CITU/AIKS Nashik District Committees (Rs 25,000 each)          Rs     75,000

6) CPI(M) Mumbai District Committee                                                           Rs     50,000

7) Spot Collection from CPI(M)ís state party class participants                      Rs     28,652

8) CITU Raigad District Committee                                                                 Rs     25,000

9) CPI(M) Raigad District Committee                                                              Rs     16,300      

10) CPI(M) Nandurbar-Dhule District Committee                                            Rs     11,000

11) CPI(M) Nanded District Committee                                                           Rs       8,000

12) CPI(M) Kolhapur District Committee                                                         Rs       5,000

13) Comrade Saghir Ahmed Khan, Mumbai                                                     Rs       5,000