People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 30

July 24, 2011

 CPI(M) Greets Turkish Communist Party’s Congress



The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) sent the following message of greetings to the Central Committee of the Turkish Communist Party on the occasion of its tenth congress on July 14, 2011


THE Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) conveys its warm fraternal greetings to all the delegates and fraternal delegates attending the tenth congress of the Communist Party of Turkey.


Your Congress is taking place at a time when the economic crisis that engulfed the whole world is still showing no signs of abating. What had in fact started as corporate insolvency has now turned out into sovereign insolvency. The crisis that Greece finds itself in today is the blatant example of this phenomenon. The ruling classes intend to come out of the economic crisis with minimum or no damage by transferring the burden on to the shoulders of the working class in their countries and on the people of the third world countries. Imperialism is using all the means at its disposal – military, economic and political – to ensure that they retain their hegemonic control over the world.


People across the world are coming out in protest against the burdens that are being imposed upon them by the ruling classes. The impact of the economic crisis, together with the urge for democratic reforms also forms the basis for the peoples upsurge we have witnessed in many West Asian, North African countries. It is to be noted here that many of the regimes that are facing popular anger in these regions are close allies of imperialism and its lackey, Israel. Imperialism views these popular protests as a threat to its control over this resource-rich region. It is trying hard to bailout the ruling classes of these countries and retain its control. In Libya, using the UN resolution of enforcing a 'no-fly zone' as a pretext, under the garb of NATO, an intense military attack is launched to topple the existing regime and plant a pliant regime in its place. Popular protests to safeguard the hard won rights of the working class were held in many countries in Europe like, Greece, Spain, UK and Portugal. All these point towards the growing discontent among the common people.


Dear Comrades,

In our country too, the government is trying its best to further prise open its markets for imperialist exploitation. In its desire to forge a close, strategic relationship with the US, the present Congress led UPA government is drifting from the non-aligned foreign policy. Corruption in high places, a result of crony capitalism, has become a major issue affecting the common people. Rising prices, income inequalities and the increasing attacks on the livelihood of the people are the other major concerns on which the CPI (M) is mobilising the people and organising various struggles.


As you are aware, the Left in our country has suffered electoral reversal in the country. The concerted attack of the ruling classes, which oversaw the formation of a broad-ranging coalition from the NGOs, extreme right comprising of the religious fundamentalists to the extreme left, Left adventurists was one of the factors identified by the Party as reasons for the electoral setback. The Party has also identified certain political, organisational and administrative mistakes that were committed and had taken up the task to rectify them with right earnest and work more closely with the masses.



We are aware of the difficult conditions under which the Communist Party of Turkey is functioning. We are also observing the current developments in your country with interest particularly after the recent general elections. We hope that the TKP would be able to overcome all the hardships and strengthen the party in the coming days by the correct application of the Marxist-Leninist theory to the particular conditions of your country.


Once again on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), we convey our warm fraternal greetings to the tenth congress of the Communist Party of Turkey and hope that the discussions and decisions you would arrive at in this conference would rally all the progressive and democratic forces in the society and carry forward the struggle for the establishment of a socialist society. While such a struggle would be long and arduous, on behalf of the CPI (M), we assure you our solidarity and support.