People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 28

July 10, 2011




Violence In West Bengal Condemned

Isfaqur Rahman


THE city of Guwahati witnessed a massive CPI(M) rally and procession on Friday, July 1, for expressing solidarity with the Left forces in West Bengal who are under constant attack being perpetrated by the Trinamul Congress (TMC)-led forces.


The Assam state committee of the CPI(M) organised the protest action as part of its week-long campaign to condemn the TMC-sponsored violence and expose the evil designs behind such attacks. The party termed the violence and terror unleashed by the ruling combine in West Bengal as an attack against democracy and democratic rights of the people. The solidarity action is being launched in response to the nationwide call given by the CPI(M) Central Committee to observe week-long campaign from July 1 for restoration of peace and democracy and of the rule of law in West Bengal. In Assam, too, the week will be observed throughout the state by organising meetings, processions, demonstrations etc.


On July 1, a large number of people assembled in the Lakhsmiram Boruah Sadan in the city under the banner of “Solidarity with the Left in West Bengal” and kickstarted the CPI(M) campaign. A meeting was held inside the auditorium with senior leader of the party and Central Committee member, Hemen Das, presiding. Explaining the objective of the meeting, Isfaqur Rahman, a member of the CPI(M) state secretariat, said 19 CPI(M) and Left Front activists have been killed since the election results in West Bengal. Hundreds of people have been injured in physical attacks and scores of party offices have been attacked or illegally occupied, Rahman added.


Addressing the gathering, CPI(M) state secretary Uddhab Barman condemned the violence and terror against the CPI(M) and the Left Front, and urged upon all democratic forces in the state to protest this onslaught against democracy and democratic rights. The TMC led terror campaign includes gruesome killings, eviction from homes, imposition of fines, capturing offices of Left parties and mass organisations, rape and sexual harassment of women, extortion of money, injuring and maiming hundreds of people, torching homes, and so on and so forth. The attacks are being perpetrated to weaken the Left forces and to reverse the gains and hard won achievements of the people during the 34 year rule of the Left Front government, Barman said.


In his speech, Hemen Das said the electoral defeat of the Left Front is being used as an opportunity by the vested interests of the ruling classes to mount a class offensive to undo the gains made by the people during the Left Front rule and to vigorously pursue the neo-liberal economic policies which are spelling disaster to the common people. Das also asserted that in spite of the murderous attacks, the red flag will fly high in the country.


Later, a huge procession was taken out in the streets of Guwahati. The police imposed restrictions on the proposed route and allowed a shorter route from Lakhsmiram Boruah Sadan to the Judges Field. The slogan shouting processionists demanded immediate halt to the campaign of violence and restoration of democratic rights in West Bengal.