People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 28

July 10, 2011




'Rights of the People

Are being Trampled Upon'


BRINDA Karat, vice-president of the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) and Rajya sabha member charged the Congress-led governments at the centre and the state of Andhra Pradesh of curbing the rights of the common masses with all their might.


She was addressing a huge public meeting held at Paayam Seethamma Nagar in the Khammam town of Andhra Pradesh on June 29. The rally that was attended by women in large numbers was held on the occasion of the conclusion of the AP state conference of AIDWA. Battula Hymavathi, state vice president of the AIDWA, presided over the rally. Earlier, thousands of women from various districts marched through the streets of Khammam to the public meeting venue.


Brinda Karat in her speech described the Kiran Kumar government of AP as a heartless one that does not care for the issues of the people. She dubbed it as the 'cheap liquor government' because it is solely relying on the liquor sales for filling its treasury with the money, amidst cheers and loud applause from women. “The heart of Kiran Kumar Reddy is throbbing only for preserving his chair as the chief minister of the state. None could make out what the state CM is doing and how he is running the government. The CM is venturing to bring about disunity amongst the people, in order to preserve his post” stated Brinda Karat. She condemned the government for being mired neck deep in corruption. She also rapped the state government for failing to resolve the problems that are getting accumulated on a large scale in the region of Telengana. “The farmers in Telangana are suffering from  lack of water for irrigation. The rulers are apathetic to all this. What happened to the Dummagudem project? Thammineni Veerabhdram, the leader of CPI(M), held a 3000 km ‘pada yaatra’ for the sake of this project, wishing the all round development of the district. But the state government is not responding yet. The government, which is apathetic to the genuine problems of the people, is busy ensuring the rivers of the liquor flow along uninterrupted”, she condemned.


About the UPA government at the centre, Brinda Karat mocket at its trumpeting of the country witnessing great progress under its rule. She said that the progress is visible in the multiplication of the cases of the harassment against women and the suppression of their rights. She told that, each minute one case of rape is being recorded and every three minutes, one girl is being harassed in our country. The government is telling that the country is advancing forward, but the women of this country know the truth, she emphasized. Karat questioned the model of development of this government, where by the rich are becoming the super-rich. The government talks of lack of funds in providing pensions for the poor, widows and the handicapped. She expressed her concern about the prices that are rising by the day, thus creating innumerable problems for the women.


The recent hike in the prices of diesel, kerosene and LPG had become an additional burden for the women, she told. She criticised that the government has failed in containing the corruption and every day a new scam is surfacing. “Some big guys are transferring lakhs of crores of money abroad, hoodwinking the governments. This government should be ashamed of its lack of will in getting back the crores of black money in the foreign banks, where as it readily raises the prices of the essential commodities”, she said.


Karat lashed out at the attitude of the central and state government on the question of the rights of the women,  where they were behaving like they are doing it out of charity. “We do not need your sympathy or pity; we are also the citizens of this country, we know pretty well as to how to gain the equal rights and fight for the sake of them”, she warned. She called upon the women to rise for the sake of their rights, with the inspiration provided by the heroic Telangana armed struggle that was fought for the land, bread and liberation from the bonded labor.


CPI(M) Central Committee member Thammineni Veerabadhram, newly re-elected state secretary of AIDWA Swaroopa Rani and president T Jyothi were among those who addressed the massive gathering.